Solid Invest

Solid Invest – Is Solid Invest Scam or Legit?

The first question that a trader has to ask today before he/she signs up with a broker is whether it is a scam or legit. Yes, that’s a valid question now when you have so many companies out there providing trading services. Not to mention, there are some that might not be thinking of the best for you. So, you have to be sure that you are putting your money and trading career in the right hands. Today, I tell you a bit about Solid Invest. I will tell you about this company because it is one of the best legitimate ones that I found for my trading needs. Is it really legitimate? Let’s find out in this short review.

Solid Invest
Solid Invest

Finding out the Legitimacy or Scam Status of Solid Invest

A Proper Signup Process

Based on what I have seen on the internet, I can tell you that the signup process can be a great sign of the right trading platform. In most cases, the platforms that have been designed to fool you have a very weird signup process. They just ask you to deposit a small amount in some account that you can use for trading. What account, what type of account, what features it offers, etc. are all the questions that remain unanswered with these service providers. On the other hand, you have Solid Invest with a very straightforward signup process.

You pick an account from five different options. You then make an initial deposit based on the account you choose. After that, you get access to a trading platform and all the education you need for trading.

A Legitimate Commission Model

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Paying a commission to the broker you sign up with is nothing wrong. You will always have to pay something to the company that provides you with trading services. It can be in the form of a spread or simply a commission. However, what really matters is how much the company is charging you as a commission on your trades. If you see something close to 5% or more, you should stay away from trading with such a firm. Such a brokerage is going to cause you a lot of trouble in the end. On the other hand, I can proudly tell you that Solid Invest is going to charge you no more than 0.87% on your trades. Yes, that’s all that you will have to pay for such amazing trading services.

Proper Security of Information

When you sign up with a legitimate online company for trading purposes, you have to provide some information about yourself. You will have to provide your identification information as well as your banking information. In that scenario, you want some safety from the company you are signing up with. The best the company can do for you is to have SSL certificates on the website. In addition to that, it should assure that all your information will be protected through encryption. You will get all of that when you sign up with Solid Invest.

A Personal Bookkeeper

I don’t think I can give you a long list of online companies that provide you with this particular service. A bookkeeper can help you find direction so you can make the right investments. When you make your investments in the right direction and at the right time, you get good returns. Again, the best thing about this broker is that it will be giving you a personal bookkeeper for free no matter which account you sign up with.

Final Thoughts

In my experience, Solid Invest has not done anything that can make me call it a scam. It is a properly legitimate broker with some great trading services. Of course, its website is there for you to get all the information first-hand. From the website, you can get all the information you want. In addition to that, you can get in touch with its customer service 24/7 to get help with all your queries.

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