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How to ameliorate cleaning the mobile homes with some home remedies muddling through!!

All the wanderlust souls in Ireland surely own a mobile home or more commonly known as caravans. And, by default also get their mobile home insurance done from a good insurance company. For the ones who are still looking for a good insurance company for their caravan insurance Ireland, can visit Britton Insurance’s office and without a doubt will get the best insurance cover for their mobile homes.

But, just the caravan insurance is not enough to keep one’s mobile home spick and span. For that, the owners need to toil for hours cleaning and scrubbing in and out of the caravan.

mobile home

We, understand the struggles and hardship one devotes to clean their mobile home and therefore with these muddle through tips and directions your time and drudgery will be put in good use. Follow some of these tips, and enjoy the sparkling view of your caravan inside out.

Before jumping to the ways and means of cleaning your mobile home, take note of the ingredients and equipment required for these tasks :

  • Bucket(s) of water(be ready with gallons of water)
  • Ladder with a platform(most preferably V-shaped multifunctional)
  • A mop and/or brush with a long tail(expandable)
  • Merritt Supply
  • Sponge and wash mitts
  • Shampoo or cleaner made especially for Caravans
  • A good window cleaner for caravan
  • Fine caravan polish(for those extra sparkles)
  • Cloth dusters
  • Soft brushes
  • Baking soda
  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Air fresheners

Now let’s start the cleaning process and procedures :

  1. Always follow the top to bottom policy

Yes, to start the cleaning process with contract cleaning services, start with the roof and simultaneously proceed further. So that all the dirt and unwanted things existing on the roof, just slides down making itself clean and free from all the piles’ of dirt.

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  1. Use a specially created cleansing product for your caravan

There are numerous products in the market, that when applied on the body of the caravan can lead to either taking away of the shine or leaving some never-fading marks on the body or reacting with the body developing some rusting. Therefore, before buying one such product, do consult the caravan dealer or manufacturer avoiding any such kind of damage(s).

  1. Rinse down all the algae and dirt

Once you finish the rubbing off all the shampoo or the cleanser on your caravan and screeching out all the algae and bird droppings, you can either opt for a water pipe of some good number of lukewarm water-filled buckets to rinse-off the caravan. To make the cleaning more “clean” you can use either use a sponge or wash mitts or a horizontal brush.

Remember!!! For the roof, you would require a pair of ladders to reach every corner of the roof and be careful with the ladders as there will be soap-water all around.

  1. Give extra time to the Skylights and Windows

Take a 2-inch brush and a window-cleaner and scrub-off all the dirt hiding at the corners of the skylights and windows obstructing the beautiful view outside. To be safer better wear some gloves to save yourself from any time of allergies.

  1. Clean out all the drains

Use a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with luke-warm water, place a bung in the outlet and then fill the pipes leaving it for few hours before rinsing it. This will not only clean the drainage but will give relief from the stinking smell too.

  1. Time to clean internally

Better use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean all the carpets and upholstery. Spray an anti-bacterial spray every corner of the kitchen to sanitize it completely along with the windows and surfaces. For the shelves, use microfibre cloths and polish to shake-off all the dust from the shelves and an air-freshener spray to keep the scented aroma in the surrounding.

Follow these ways and means to clean your mobile home and be ready to explore another part of this huge world. And, with mobile home insurance from Britton Insurance make sure of the security and safety of your favourite four-wheelers.

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