Health Benefits Of Living In A Society Surrounded By Greenery

Health Benefits Of Living In A Society Surrounded By Greenery

We live in a man-machine era, where humans and technology are dependent on each other. This has brought about a lot of changes in our modern lifestyle. With evolvement comes pros and cons. The pros include working at a solid pace, delivering outstanding results, etc. The cons, of course, go unnoticed in the initial phases but sooner or later do hit in, include chronic stress, exposure to environmental hazards, insufficient physical activity, etc.

We all want to keep up with the current pace of life and there’s no harm in it. However, in this hullabaloo of life, we often forget how important it is to relax, meditate, spend time with our family, love and take care of ourselves, and a lot more. We are all lost in the deluge of options life has to offer us that keeps us economically stable and in trend with the modern urban lifestyle. But is that all that matters? You certainly know the answer to it. Yes, it is important to be on your toes where professional life is concerned but it’s also important to treat your personal life and health equally. After all, health is wealth.

Let’s start with the easiest and most convenient option of all – self-care at our own homes. Are you aware that living in a society or apartment that is surrounded by greens can promote mental and physical health? Buildings that offer green space, such as landscaped gardens, playgrounds, residential greenery, etc. provide stress alleviation, psychological relaxation, support physical activity, stimulate social cohesion, and reduce contact with noise, excessive heat, and air pollutants.

We are all so occupied in our busy-going lives with either work or other errands that we often forget the importance of health. Let’s further elaborate on the health benefits of living in a society that is surrounded by greens. If you look around, you will find houses built at every nook and corner. Are all these buildings or constructions enveloped in greenery? Unlike earlier times, greenery has diminished to a great extent. Whose fault is all this? We humans of course! Our greed for living an ideal and luxurious lifestyle blinded us to preserve the goodness of nature. We kept destroying nature and building homes and structures for an evolved lifestyle. Not thinking of losing much valuable in the bargain. Having said that, nature has always been kind and with passing time we have realized the importance of living amidst nature or in the lap of nature.

Today, a majority of real estates, commercial properties, and other types of structures are surrounded by ample greenery. It’s rather the best time for those looking at investing in real estate or buying an apartment. If you are looking at buying an apartment, make sure you go for one which is surrounded by ample greenery. There are many health benefits to living in an apartment or flat that is nestled in greens.

Healing power

Nature is known to heal. If you are facing anger issues, stress, fear, expose yourself to nature or even sit amidst nature and you’ll experience its healing properties. It’s a proven fact that nature makes you feel better emotionally and also contributes to your physical wellbeing.

Nature soothes

Apart from healing properties, nature arouses a sense of calm in each of us. It copes with pain, stress, and anxiety. Trees, plants, water, and other natural elements distract us from pain and discomfort. Nature keeps us away from negative effects and keeps our health in check at all times.

One such habitat that is surrounded by sufficient greenery, forestry and offers a luxurious yet serene living experience is Ramky Discovery City. Living at Ramky, amidst nature, will always keep one’s health in check. Ramky apartments offer ample greenery in the outdoors. You can take a run, jog, soak in the refreshing view, take a break from your busy schedule and relax in the lap of nature, and do as you please.


So, if you are living in a society that is not surrounded by greens starting planting trees today, and if you’re looking to buy or invest in a new apartment, choose one that soaks in the goodness of nature. In the end, health and nature go hand in hand.