DDA Housing Scheme 2017 How To Apply

DDA Housing Scheme How To Apply

There are certain schemes offered by the DDA as a part of the new terms related to buying houses there. There are several new schemes related to housing buying facility in Delhi. These new schemes are so good that the people should actually buy these houses very soon until the time the viability of this scheme persists. The most important part is that the lottery system prevails and everyone can get equal chances of getting a flat in Delhi.

Ways to apply for the scheme: The best way to apply is through the online procedure, where forms and documents to be presented can be downloaded and filled up. The person needs to log in and apply. There is also offline technology, where at the banks the forms are available to be filled up. These tie-ups are done with the chances of bank loans kept in mind. This increases the DDA housing scheme viability and the amount to be paid is just 200 INR making the process extremely simpler.

Eligibility and Registration: The registration charges for getting the flats varies with the pay scale. The lower income group needs to pay 1 Lakh and the middle and higher income group needs to pay 2 lakh for registration. The probability of getting a flat depends on the lottery and if a person is lucky, they get the flat they want or they get the registration money back.

Any citizen from India with above 18 years age are eligible to apply. They cannot apply for any if they have a flat or plot in their name or in the name of their family all around Delhi.

Necessary identity proof: A person needs the PAN card, Aadhar card along with a proof of residence. The people from out of Delhi can also apply. But there are certain things to keep in mind with respect to cancellation of the allotment. If a person asks for cancellation before allotment a 25% of the money is withdrawn and rest is refunded. If the person asks for cancellation after allotment 90% of it is forfeited and the rest is refunded.

Therefore it is best to plan it well before applying because it is a lot of money.

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Draw the flat allotment: The flat allotment occurs after a big day of the draw and if the person does not get the allotment, the money is refunded within 30 days. The successful people need to get the rest of the money to be deposited soon, making it easier to get a flat in Delhi.

The members of the family can actually get the more application they want to increase their chances of getting a flat here. There would be no restriction on selling those flats in future. Therefore it is absolutely perfect to get a place in this chance that people are getting.

Final Verdict: The scheme is very helpful for people who are seeking for a flat in Delhi and are trying to settle in the capital for a long time. If a person has enough resource to get the flat in the given range, they should apply for sure during this facility is going on just to make sure that there is enough chance to get it.

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