12 Tips for Finding the Best Apartment in Dubai


Dubai has become a hub for new residents in recent years. It attracts droves of expats because of its economic growth and celebrated level of lifestyle. If anyone plans to move to Dubai, there are so many options for places to live. There are plenty of options in fact that the process can become overwhelming for first-time residents. However, there are few things that everyone should keep in mind before finding the home in Dubai.

Top12 Tips for finding the perfect apartment in Dubai

1. Budget: According to experts rent should not exceed 20% of your monthly income, so always try to stick to that number. Dubai offers plenty of beautiful apartments, so set a budget before you start looking for your home.

2. Go digital. In this age of the internet, everything is there online. So search online websites for the list of apartments for rent in Dubai. Filter the listings like the number of rooms, furnished, unfurnished, etc accordingly. Every information is stated online.

3. Always try to find the apartment that is near to your workplace as road traffic in Dubai is challenging in rush hours. If you don’t have your own vehicle, make sure that the place has convenient public transportation.

4. Research for the communities as Dubai being the cosmopolitan city offers all kind of communities. Do you like to live in a family community or the hustle/bustle of busy city streets? First, think then research and then choose.

5. Consider your option as all housing options like villas, apartment, studios, furnished, unfurnished, semi-furnished are available in Dubai. Be aware of Hidden cost in every option. Never forget that your options may differ according to the area you choose to live in.

6. Parking-Check. Parking can also be challenging in Dubai just like the rush hour. Check that the building features car parking. If you are shifting with your family and own more than one car, ask how many parking spaces are there in the contract.

7. Get your Documents ready. How can you get the perfect apartment if you don’t have all the needed legal documents to sign the contract? So make sure to prepare all the documents before you start looking for the apartment.

8. Check the agent as he handles all the paperwork and contracts. So, before signing with an agent make sure that he is registered with RERA as it is illegal to sign a contract with unauthorized freelance agents in Dubai.

9. Double check all the papers and make sure to sign the checks in the name of the landlord only who has the power attorney.

10. Ejari registers all the contracts in Dubai. Register your contract and do not only rely on the contract issued by the agents.

11. Take several pictures of the apartment as the proof of how it looked before you moved in

12. Know your rights; Increase in the rent must follow the rent index which is updated regularly every three months by RERA. Also, all increment has to have reasons under the law, according to t RERA

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