3+ Absolute Different Types of Real Estate Investments in 2020

3+ Absolute Different Types of Real Estate Investments in 2020

Real Estate is one of the oldest and most secure modes of investment. Among many reasons that make the real estate industry so popular is that even during the times when all the other modes of investment are crashing down, real estate provides you with stability.

While the benefits of investing in real estate are known very well, there are many who don’t know about the different types of, real estate investment options that exist.

By learning about the different types of realty investments, you will be able to decide what area you want to invest your money, time, effort, and resource in, order to earning financial independence and passive income.

3+ Absolute Different Types of Real Estate Investments in 2020
3+ Absolute Different Types of Real Estate Investments in 2020

Getting Started with More than 3 Plus Real Estate Investment in 2020 (No up to Scale!)

Like every investment, real estate investments also have potential benefits and pitfalls; hence, you’ll want to study the available opportunity well before you add them to your portfolio. Here, we have categorized real estate in several types to give you a better understanding of what you want for yourself.

#1. Residential Real Estate Investment-

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Residential properties consist of houses, apartments and flats, bungalows, penthouses, studio flats, villas, farmhouses, and condominiums. By investing in a residential property, you can earn a rental income by leasing out your property to a tenant for a particular time period. The duration of a tenant’s stay is based upon the rental or lease agreement.

For Best Residential Properties in Gurgaon, you can get in touch with the trusted real estate consultants that can guide you with the available options that will suit your requirement the best.

#2. Commercial Real Estate Investment-

Commercial properties are categorized in office spaces, retail spaces, and mix-use destinations. The spaces related to hospitality businesses such as Serviced apartments, hotels, and resorts are also put into the commercial category only. You can get ensured rental returns by investing your money in the commercial properties by top developers in Gurgaon.

In case you are a landowner or want to invest your money in land, constructing a small building with individual offices and leasing them out to companies and small business owners, you can earn a good amount of rental. While it is usual for commercial real estate to involve in multi-year leases.

This can lead to greater stability in cash flow; however, investing in pre-rented property Gurgaon has more potential benefits since you’ll be spared from the hassle of finding the right tenant.

#3. Retail Commercial property Investment Option-

Retail properties consist of shops, shopping complexes, anchor stores, etc. If you invest in a retail space, you can either use that for selling a product or service or can rent out the property. In some cases, the owner also receives a percentage of sales generated by the tenant store in addition to an agreed rent.

#4. Mixed-Use Property Investment-

Mixed-use properties are those that combine more than one category into a single project. For example, several mix-use destinations are under-construction in Gurugram. These properties by the top developers in Gurgaon feature retail spaces, food-courts, entertainment avenues (such as movie theatre or gaming zone), office spaces, and residences. It’s comparatively more beneficial to invest in a mix-use destination, since getting assistance with the leasing of such spaces is usually offered by the developer.

Mixed-use real estate investments are also popular because they have a degree of built-in diversification, which is important for controlling risk.

Other than the above categories, Industrial real estate is also a part of commercial real estate and consists of industrial warehouses, storage units, or spaces used for special purposes that generate profits from customers who use the facility.

It is good to keep some information handy before you start investing in real estate Gurgaon and by learning the types of real estate, you are sure to make some wise investment decisions.

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