TradeDays Review – Why Is It A Recommendable Place To Trade?

TradeDays Review

TradeDays logoThere is no denying that online trading is a very lucrative business these days. Every day more and more number of traders sign up for trading accounts with various brokers. Are you looking to start online trading as well and succeed in the financial world?

If that is so, you need to know that the first thing you have to do is identify a reliable and trustworthy online trading platform and register a trading account with them.  There are trading platforms galore out there and most of them have a doubtful reputation. You should only consider those that have a strong reputation.

To that end, I would like to recommend you the TradeDays trading platform. I have found them to be highly professional, trustworthy, secure and provide several trading opportunities to all their traders.

Whether you are an experienced trader or just beginning your journey, this platform is great for your trading goals. It boasts several useful features which serve to make the lives of online traders much easier and hassle-free.

The following is a comprehensive review of the standout features of this TradeDays online trading platform which makes it one of the best trading firms in the worldwide financial sector. Read on to learn more about these features in detail.

Customer Support

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There is no doubt that customer support is one of the fundamental foundations of any online trading platform. Online traders rely heavily on the platform’s customer service to assist with specific issues and concerns they face while trading.

For instance, you may want help using one of the payment options available or maybe you are struggling to register a trading account with the platform. Either way, customer support plays a pivotal role here to assist you. Therefore, you need to choose a trading platform that provides stellar and prompt customer service to each and every one of its users.

I have been trading on the TradeDays platform for some time now and I can confidently say that they provide very impressive customer assistance to all of its traders. Their team comprises several trading experts who have complete knowledge of everything related to online trading.

You can count on them to resolve any kind of issue you have. Furthermore, their response rate is very good as well and they will let you keep waiting for long for a response.

You can contact their customer team via their official email address (you can find this on their website) or the live chat option. After you send an email asking your particular question or issue, one of their representatives will be sure to get back to you very shortly with a detailed solution.

The live chat option is also a fantastic tool if you seek live assistance from the customer support division. When you utilize this live chat feature, the waiting time is minimal. You only have to wait to connect to one of their agents online who will then assist you with anything you want.

Although most online trading firms provide customer assistance, it is not as efficient and professional as what you can receive from the TradeDays team. The latter will go above and beyond to facilitate you in your online trading journey.

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Security Practices

The security infrastructure is undeniably a pivotal feature of any online trading platform in the world. A trading platform cannot afford to compromise its security in any way or take this issue lightly.

That is primarily is the security features of a trading platform are too weak, then cyber criminal can easily break into it. Once that happens, they can pilfer the sensitive and precious information of various users and access the trading activities of the traders as well.

That cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances and it is imperative for users to feel safe when they are trading on the platform.

I would like to highlight that TradeDays takes its security extremely seriously and you can count on this platform to ensure your details and funds are protected at all times.

They have implemented the latest and highly advanced security measures in their system to keep all intruders, cybercriminals and any other unauthorized person from sneaking in their database. The TradeDays security experts make use of an innovative encryption software to encrypt all the personal information of each trader who uses the platform for trading.

In this way, your information is completely meaningless to anyone who has no legal right to access your trading account. In addition, TradeDays utilizes SSL certifications to provide the traders peace of mind that they are carrying out all of their trading activities in a fully secure bubble and that there is no risk to their investment funds or their sensitive information.

This platform also verifies each trader’s identity when they sign up for a trading account. This verification ensures no unauthorized person is able to access your trading account. To that end, it is vital that you do not share your password credentials with anyone else as you use these sign in in your account.

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Low Deposit Amount to Register Trading Account

Usually, you will need to deposit an initial amount if you want to sign up for a trading account with an online trading platform. Making this deposit is often compulsory and without doing so, you will not be allowed to register your account.

This rule can be a huge setback for some traders especially if the initial deposit amount is quite high. Not every trader can afford to make a high deposit upfront and that is especially true if you are a new trader with a modest budget.

If you are not looking to spend too much, the high initial deposit rule will be a big obstacle in your path. Therefore, traders look to sign up with those firms and platforms where you do not have to deposit a large sum of money to open a trading account with them.

You can also rest assured that there is no devil in the details and no hidden costs of any kind involved. TradeDays believes in full transparency and have described all of their charges in their terms and conditions. As long as you meet the deposit criteria, you can easily register for a trading account with them.

At no point in your trading journey will they charge you with any extra costs that they have not highlighted before. Hence, if you want to start small and minimize your risks as much as possible, TradeDays is on the best trading platforms you can consider.

TradeDays Banking and Payment Options

Most of the online traders look to engage with a trading platform that provides several payment and banking options to its users.

When you have multiple payment options at your disposal, you have the flexibility to opt for the one that is most convenient for you. On the contrary when there is just a single payment method available, that can a significant obstacle for any trader.

You should know that one of the prime benefits of trading on the TradeDays platform is that it provides a host of payment methods to all its traders. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer, you can choose any banking channel you want to carry out your transaction.

The payment options available on TradeDays include debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, Paypal and several 3rd party payment channels.

Debit and credit cards are ideal for small transactions and you can have the funds deposited or withdrawn from your trading account within the same day. When you have to deposit a large sum of money, I would suggest bank transfer as this is the most popular channel for large transactions.

Just keep in mind that bank transfers take about 2-5 business days so make your arrangements accordingly. You can also leverage any of the third-party payment tools that have become quite common in the financial sector.

In addition, when you are choosing your preferred payment method, you do not have to waste any time filling out long and complicated payment forms. With TradeDays, just tap a few buttons and execute your payment method.

The whole process is very straightforward and simple which is very convenient especially if you are a busy individual who cannot afford to spend too much time wiring money from one account to another.

TradeDays Education Center

One of the things that traders value most in an online trading firm is a learning platform which they can use to brush up their trading knowledge and learn new things related to trading.

You should know that if you choose to trade on TradeDays, you will access to its Education center which happens to be a detailed and terrific resource. You can utilize this resource to climb up the trading learning curve and become a true master of this domain!

This Education center is packed with extremely valuable and informative resources that can help you succeed enormously in online trading. Some of these resources include trading eBooks, videos, access to current financial news, trading charts, trends and patters, trading glossary and other tools like trading calculator and signals.

All of these things combined make sure you have every learning opportunity at your disposal to flourish quickly in your online trading journey. You can rest assured that these resources have been complied by experienced and authentic trading experts who know everything there is to know about online trading.

You can rely on them that they knowledge they provide you via the Education Center will be 100 percent accurate and genuine without any false information.

Moreover, if want to gather innovative strategies and tactics that can assist you to trade wisely and gain maximum returns, then the TradeDays Education center is an excellent resource for you.

You will find all kind of tips on this platform which if you utilize smartly, can help you make trades efficiently and successfully.

What’s more, this learning platform also features several case studies of successful online traders. These case studies are very informative and will help you acquire new and information pertinent to all aspects of online trading.

You should also know that there are different kinds of trading strategies available in this Education Center depending on your investment budget and your trading goals. That allows you to adopt the strategies that best align with your own situation.

Device Compatibility

These days, compatibility with various devices is an important feature that online trading platforms need to have. Traders often switch between multiple devices as per their convenience when they log in their trading account.

They may use their smart phone for trading at one time and laptop at another. Hence, it is critical that the trading platform you select should be fully compatible with all devices to allow you the flexibility of using different devices to log in your account.

The TradeDays online trading platform is 100 percent with all common devices people use these days such as laptops, desktop, tablet and smartphone. You may access your trading account easily and without any trouble from any of these devices.

Regardless of which device you use, you will also not have to experience any glitches or delays when you navigate the TradeDays trading platform and place your trades. The software developers have designed their software specifically keeping user experience in mind.

Therefore, if you are looking for a user-friendly trading interface from any device of your choosing, then the TradeDays platform is probably your best bet. Their platform is also compatible with all Android and iOS devices and you can download the trading software easily on any of these devices.

One thing is for sure-your trading experience will be flawless no matter which device you opt for.

Algo Trading

The algo trading feature is relatively new in the financial sector and is a very innovative and convenient one. Your life will be considerably easy if you are an online trader and have algo trading enabled on your trading platform.

So what exactly is Algo trading? Algo trading is utilization of a computer program to place trades on your behalf without you having to do it manually.

Incase you are wondering how this works, you provide this program with a certain set of instructions which he algorithm then uses to execute trades. So the program is not using some random approach to place trades but instead is relying on the trading instructions that you provide it.

The TradeDays trading platform provides this Algo trading feature to all of its traders who use the platform. It is extremely convenient and its biggest advantage is that it can place trades at an astonishing speed which will not be possible for you to accomplish if you execute the trades manually.

Since you can place trades extremely quickly, you can increase your returns just as quickly as well. Moreover, the likelihood of making mistakes and errors is very less when you leverage the Algo trading feature.

The computer program is able to efficiently and accurately read trading charts, trends and patterns and you can count on it to provide reliable results.

Overall, the TradeDays Algo trading feature is the best choice for you if you have a busy schedule and cannot to squeeze out time in your schedule to log in your account and trade. The computer program will do all the trading for you with minimal input from your side. As a result, you can save a lot of your time that you use for other tasks.

Various Instruments of Trade

Most online trading firms only provide a limited number of trading instruments on their platform. On the other hand, TradeDays offers several instruments of trade to all of its traders regardless of how much investment they have.

Would you like to invest in stocks? Are you interested in trading on the Forex market, indices or crypto currency? All of these trading options (and then some!) are available on the trading platform.

You can select whatever you want as per your convenience. That said, the wise thing to do would be to consider those trading instruments that align with your goals and investment budget.

However, when you trade on TradeDays, there is no restriction as to how many trading options you can opt for. If you feel you can succeed in all of them, then you have the freedom to invest in every asset depending on the deposits in your account.

In addition, all of these trading options are available on the same platform so you do not have to consider any other trading firm. Whatever you want to trade in, you will find it on TradeDays which I found to be quite convenient.

TradeDays trading assets
Low Spreads

Spreads are the amount you have to pay your online broker for every trade that you place on the trading platform. There is no fixed amount and varies between broker to broker. Every trader wants to engage on a trading platform that offers low spreads.

This is understandable since what low spreads means is that you will pay less to the broker and get to keep the major chunk of your returns in your pocket. When you sign up with online brokers who have spreads, your own profit margins will be quite less.

Therefore, the lower the spread the better it is for you! I would like to point that TradeDays brokers offer very low spreads to all of its traders. That allows you to pocket most of your earnings while paying a minimal amount to the broker. You can read more about spreads in the Education Center.

In addition, majority of the online brokers charge a hefty commission as well on each trade you make. These commissions are apart from the spread. Needless to say, when you have to pay commissions as well as the spread, your own profit margins get lowered as you will be paying more to the broker.

You will be pleased to know that you do not have to pay any commissions when you trade with any instrument on the TradeDays trading platform. What that means is that you will get to keep most of your returns for yourself and boost your profit margins.

What’s more, there is no hidden fees involved either. You do not have to worry that you will have to pay your broker some extra charge at a later time. All of the costs are clearly laid out in the terms and conditions and the broker is not allowed to charge you anything that is not mentioned in those terms.

Low spreads coupled with no commissions is one of the main reasons why more and more online traders have begun to sign up with TradeDays. I would recommend that you do so as well.


To conclude, opting for the most appropriate online trading platform is extremely important and one of the first steps you have to take once you have made your decision to jump in the online trading industry.

Whether you are a new online trader or a seasoned one, the TradeDays trading platform has all the tools you could want to make your trading journey a success.

This platform is also very reliable, secure and you can avail as many trading opportunities you want. I would suggest you head over to their website and sign up for a trading account on their network.

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