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Here at we bring you reviews of brokers and trading platforms such as Axia. In our Axia reviews today we will tell you all you need to know about this trading platform. Is Axia scam or legit you ask? Keep reading to learn more or visit the Axia website in the link below.

Axia Review

With the help of cutting-edge fintech, strong regulatory compliance and stellar customer support, Axia has emerged as one of the most popular CFD trading brands in the market today. Licensed by FSA, it is now well-positioned to offer competitive services for a wide range of customers, serving both professionals and beginners.

Thanks to its client-centric approach, the Axia ecosystem evolved over the years and now it is popular among traders, especially those who believe in the importance of advanced trading tools while trading in the financial markets.

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trade CFDs with Axia Source axiainvestmentscom

CFD Products

Price developments have been wild over the past couple of months, which is why many traders emphasize the importance of diversification when building a portfolio. With Axia, you can trade leading stocks such as Apple, Google, Tesla, and Microsoft, which hold a large capitalization and are very liquid.

At the same time, the company covers CFDs based on tens of different currency pairs, allowing you to engage in the FX market, where trillions in USD are exchanged every day. Commodities are another sector where retail traders today are getting involved, and Axia allows for trading on oil, gold, silver, and other instruments.

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Stock market indices should also be mentioned. since they are adequate especially for traders who are deterred by shares, which carry high volatility.

Trading software features

Accessible and easy, AxiaTrade Web is a platform developed in-house that offers lightning-fast execution and customized features. As a result of the company’s desire to stand out from the crowd, this solution was developed. It is truly a combination of skillfulness and simplicity when it comes to CFD trading.

On the same note, AxiaTrade Mobile sticks to the script, implementing almost all of the features associated with the web platform on smartphones and tablets. Regardless of whether you own an Android or iOS device, this solution will keep you connected to the markets and to your trading account all the time.

MetaTrader 5 is the 3rd platform available with Axia, showing that the company has all types of traders in mind. MT5 is an advanced platform that doesn’t need any special introduction. It’s secure and packed with features, which is  exactly what traders expect in today’s market conditions.

why choose Axia Source:
why choose Axia Source axiainvestmentscom

Signing up with Axia

The account opening process is simple, fast, and flexible. You can choose between 5 options, depending on the capital available for trading as well as the features desired. Axia offers an account for each type of trader, with the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond accounts.

Funding solutions covered are credit/debit cards, wire transfers and more. Once you register for an account it is possible to see a full list of all the deposit options available in your region. All new customers are eligible to receive a welcome bonus ranging between 5% and 25%.

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Axia official logo Source axiainvestmentscom

Final verdict

Given the diverse trading conditions, Axia really is a global CFD provider. There should be no worries when working with this company because it’s regulated. At the same time, it has been in the market for a decent period, during which a lot of traders have signed up for its services.

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