SBI announces festive offers; waives processing fee on Personal & Car Loan

SBI announces festive offers; waives processing fee on Personal & Car Loan

A personal loan is a loan provided with little paperwork that does not require collateral. For any genuine financial necessity, you can use the funds from this loan. Like any other loan, you have to return it to the bank in compliance with the negotiated terms. This will usually involve a few months to a few years in simple equated monthly increments.

You are free to utilize the funds you avail from a personal loan whichever way you want – whether to fund a trip, purchase a device, pay for medical care, use for house improvement, wedding expenses, support the schooling of your children, etc.

A car loan is secured against the car you intend to buy, meaning that the vehicle serves as the loan’s collateral. The lender will confiscate it if you default on your repayments. The lender holds control of the asset’s ownership before you make the final deposit, just like a mortgage.


Since the lender retains financial leverage over the vehicle, which is a guaranteed loan, the mortgage is considered a lower risk, which usually leads to the significantly reduced rate of interest for prospective borrowers. There are also fixed interest rates so that borrowers are not subject to rises as unsecured personal loans.

Amazing Festive offers by SBI on personal and car loan

State Bank of India is offering special deals for its retail customers on the car and personal loans ahead of the festive season.

The bank has announced a 100 percent off processing fee for all its clients through its automated service, YONO, for car and personal loans. For consumers who apply for car loans, their lowest interest rate starts at 7.5%. On select versions, they will also get 100 per cent on-road finance.

SBI Personal Loan Interest rate is available as low as 9.6 percent to increase the supply and stability of credit to individuals by the bank. SBI Personal Loan Interest rate is one of the lowest offered by the different lenders.

YONO will also give consumers in-principal clearance on the Car loan Payment application on its banking and lifestyle site.

SBI customers may also use a pre-approved paperless personal loan for the YONO app. By typing PAPL <space> < last 4 digits of SBI a / c no. > send to 567676, you can check your eligibility through SMS.

Important variables deciding SBI Personal loan Eligibility

There is an age criterion for a personal loan. The minimum age is 21 years for the use of a personal loan, and the highest age is 58 years. The bank provides personal loans for a maximum duration of 72 months.

The net income expected to make use of a personal loan is around ₹ 24,000 per month. Your salary determines your eligibility (net take-home pay). Your ability to pay EMIs is calculated based on the earnings, as the EMI loan does not affect the living conditions.

Fixed Income Ratio Obligation) is an important criterion that SBI uses to figure out the eligibility of your SBI personal loan. When calculating your qualifications, SBI takes into account all your fixed commitments (like rent or existing EMIs). The minimum FOIR required for SBI personal loan eligibility is 0.45.

Adding co-applicant increases your eligibility as it increases your potential for repayment. Ensure that a co-borrower with a decent income, minimal fixed commitments and a high credit score.

Your credit behaviour and track record are recorded in your CIBIL score by your former lenders and credit card companies. The most significant factor in deciding your eligibility to get a personal loan is the CIBIL ranking. SBI can verify the full credit history while verifying eligibility for a personal loan, which also contains all previous running loans and the loan and credit card payment track record. The higher credit score raises the probability that your SBI loan application will be accepted. A low CIBIL ranking, however, limits your ability to secure a personal loan. To be approved for a personal loan, SBI allows a minimum credit score of 650.

Essential variables for SBI Car Loan Eligibility

Income-to-Debt Ratio is one of the primary variables that lenders take into account when determining the interest rate. It is merely a measure of the amount of money you owe to multiple institutions. A low income-to-debt ratio is often recommended as it signifies the capacity to make EMI contributions monthly, without any delays.

Due to Price Volatility/ Fluctuations in Market, Interest rates, along with market growth, appear to change. Inflation plays a vital role in deciding interest rates as well. If the rate of inflation goes up, then rates may rise, and if the rate of inflation falls, interest rates on car loans will decrease. Other market conditions may also, from time to time, impact interest rates provided by the lender. Therefore, when they opt for a car loan, consumers should be fully aware of the current business conditions.

The vehicle being lent serves as a security for the entire tenure of the debt when you borrow a car loan. If you default on the EMI payments, your car will be kept by the bank to even out the pending dues. This is why the car type and age are taken into account by lenders and banks when deciding the interest rate.

In addition to the applicant’s credit score, salary and form of occupation are both taken into account when deciding the interest rate. Usually, banks favour applicants with a stable income as it reveals their ability to make repayments without defaults.

An interest rate imposed on their loan balance may also be dictated by the repayment tenure, which is the time given to the borrower to repay their loan amount. The longer the maturity period, the higher the interest rate paid on the balance of the loan would be.

The relationship of the borrower with the bank would also decide the interest rate charged on the bank. The borrowers are often advised to take advantage of a car loan from the bank where they have a savings account. The bank considers it more straightforward for a person who has been a client of the bank for a very long time to have a loan. Therefore, there is a very strong possibility that the borrower can get a car loan with a lower interest rate.

Conclusion: Go on to avail personal and car loans for your immediate financial requirements and buy your dream car with SBI’s special festive offers. SBI Personal Loans are available from 9.6% and car loans at 7.5%.