Car Insurance Without License

Car Insurance Without License

No matter what age, driving without a license is a form of freedom! Popular with seniors for many years, cars without a license are now adopted by minors who want to become familiar with driving, just like young drivers. They are also suitable for drivers with a license withdrawal, the cost of which is higher and higher.

Car Insurance Without License
Car Insurance Without License

Who are the drivers of VSP?

Driving is often reduced to holding a driver’s license, a document that testifies to the physical and mental ability to drive without endangering the lives of others. Nevertheless, it is also possible to opt for a car without a license, also called light motor quadricycle.

But then who can get such a vehicle?

Since November 2014, to drive a car without a license, it is obligatory:

To be at least 14 years’ old

To have acquired the AM license, in other words, the road safety certificate (BSR)

The market for cars without a license

In 2016, the market for unlicensed cars has grown significantly reaching a 10% increase, a figure that should be repeated for the year 2017.

In France, anyone who does not hold a driving license can turn to a vehicle without a license, a VSP. While VSP drivers are men (two-thirds), the majority of them live in the countryside (58%) and are over the age of 50 (32%).

Proof that VSPs meet an essential need for people living far from the city, without access to public transport.

Based on its survey, the VSP Insurance website concludes that the majority of drivers (81%) of VSP have never obtained their driving license, for various reasons (budget, illiteracy, disability).

A figure that belies the prejudices that the majority of VSP drivers would have lost their license.

81% of drivers of unlicensed cars never had a driver’s license

The main brands marketing VSP are Axiom, Logier and Microcar. The most popular according to the result of the survey is Axiom, a brand that is the first to offer a model VSP 100% electric (and compatible with state aid).

While the design of the VSP models is much appreciated, safety is also one of the criteria that is most emphasized by drivers, as well as reduced consumption. Another plus point: the ease of parking.

An asset raised by a third of the women interviewed.

On the other hand, the price of cars without a license remains the first dissuasive argument for the majority of respondents, for 81% of men and 76% of female drivers. Other negative criteria identified by 27% of men: lack of space and low power. Despite a rejuvenated clientele and more eye-catching designs, the reputation of VSPs remains quite mediocre, prompting insults and prejudices. But the results of the inspection indicate that VSP customers have a different profile than that imagined by the majority of drivers.

This survey highlights the profiles of drivers who drive cars without a license, but what about insurance? Hyper Assur, specialist car insurance without a license offers you to compare contracts specific to this type of vehicles.

What are the benefits of this cart?

At the same time small, practical and easy to park, the car without a license makes more and more followers.

For proof in 2016, the market grew by 10% according to the VSP Insurance website.

In addition to driving without a license, some drivers also refer to ” safety ” as one of the main features of the VSP. Safer than a two-wheeler, drivers feel more secure in a cockpit and on 4 wheels.