4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Car

4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Car

You are ready to fly with your wings, free to go where you want without having to account to anyone … except perhaps your parents, with whom you have to negotiate to borrow the family car. To put an end to this ordeal, you will have to buy your first car. Do not panic; we explain to you how to avoid unpleasant surprises!

4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Car
4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Car

Find The Car That’s Right for You

Because the car of your dreams is not necessarily the one that suits you best, make a list of things that are important to you: air conditioning, power steering, car radio, backup cameras, etc.

Organize these criteria in two columns: the essentials and the “bonuses.” It will allow you to target your searches more easily.

But the most important point is to determine the number of kilometers you plan to travel each year with your new coach. This will allow you to know the maximum number of miles acceptable on the meter at the time of purchase, but also the fuel to prefer to reduce your daily expenses. Think also about hybrid cars! While they are a little more expensive to buy from the car lots, but they consume less fuel and pollute less: the planet says thank you, and your bank account too!

Calculate Your Budget

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If like most French you need a helping hand to pay for your car without exploding your savings account, you will most certainly have to make a bank loan. To calculate your budget, do not rely solely on the price of the vehicle. You have to take into description several aspects such as your monthly salary, and the additional costs that will occur over the months (revisions, technical inspections, winter tires, and other festivities).

In any case, you can make an appointment with your Advisor Credit Agricola Alsace Vosges to discuss, take stock and learn more about the benefits of the Youth Auto Loan 1!

For a personal loan of € 10,000 over 60 months, you repay 60 instalments of € 175.20. Total amount due to € 10,512.00 including € 512.00 of interest. No fees. The fixed annual lending rate of 1.982%, i.e., a fixed annual Global Effective Rate of 2.00% excluding the optional insurance cost. The standard cost of optional disability death insurance 2 is € 5.00 per month and is added to the credit repayment term (if you have subscribed). The total sum owed by the borrower for the insurance, over the total duration of the loan will be 300.00 € and the Annual Effective Rate of Insurance (TAEA) of 1.160%.

Compare Car Prices

Rule Number 1: Never, oh big, buy a car on a whim without comparing prices. To get an idea of ​​the acceptance rates, you can already have a look in the garages of your city that offer a selection of used vehicles. Go also to the specialized sites such as insurnacetipsguide.com or aramisauto.com In any case, know that a car bought in the garage will cost on average more expensive than an equivalent vehicle bought from an individual, but will benefit from a guarantee of at least 6 months.

Always Try Your Car Before Buying

And we are not only chatting about a round of the block in 2 minutes. Take the time to drive on a fast track to test acceleration and braking and watch for any suspicious noises. If possible, come to your appointment (by your father, your mechanic friend or anyone who knows a minimum) to have a second opinion.

With that, you have all the cards in hand to find the “perfect car.” To your road-trips with friends this summer! And to leave with peace of mind and in all legality, you will have to subscribe a car insurance 3, the Alsace Vosges Credit Agricola offers one of the best “Body Protection” of the market (up to 1 million euros), including from the basic formula! Inquire at the agency.

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