King Solomon: A compassionate NFT community with a treasure trove of royalties

With big rewards for players and regular donations for charities, King Solomon is a refreshingly benevolent addition to the NFT/crypto world.

The wise old first monarch of Israel King Solomon is the figurehead for a new brand of NFT metaverse launching in 2022 with creators aiming to build a compassionate community in which token holders all prosper.

The King Solomon collection – which features 8,777 unique images of the famous ruler – is prioritizing the same values as its eponymous leader, committed to sharing wealth, success, and opportunities with valued members.

Royalties will be available to all holders from the mint in January 2022, along with rewards through airdrops as the project reaches 50% sales. A range of giveaways will also take place with at least 10 NFTs distributed to players chosen by an automated algorithm.

Holders can stake their investment with the $wine token and earn interest, too, in a similar way to a savings account (with the ability to stake or unstake at any time).

King Solomon creators have also pledged a chunk of proceeds towards charitable causes – including organizations such as Feeding America, Mental Health, Homeless, Orphans and Children Hospital.

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The resilient token of Solomon himself was selected based on his reign of integrity – which led to him controlling trade routes from Edom to Judea. This new metaverse aims to mimic some of the same values that defined Solomon’s legacy.

Co-creator Trey Hawkins said: “What we wanted to do was create an NFT project that actually shed a light on the goodness of the world.

“You hear a lot about scams and bad stories in cryptocurrency, and we are hoping to build something that puts the sector in a positive light.

“The phrase at the front of my mind throughout development was ‘nothing but a Solomon’. We wanted to build something like the King did – a place in which people could prosper.

“What we stand for is completely different to other brands out there, and with the followers picking up it looks like people are starting to recognise that.”

King Solomon metaverse prioritises digital diversity, leveraging the best parts of the DeFi universe whilst backed by a strong technological infrastructure.

Minting took place at noon on January 27, 2022.

Learn more about King Solomon online.

Discord, Twitter, Instagram and Opensea links are available here.

Media Contact:

Trey Hawkins

17601 Harbord Oaks Circle

Dallas, Texas 75252, USA


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