5 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

5 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Here I’ve added my favorite writing apps of 2021 and provided brief reviews of each, so you can decide which ones you can’t live without! Let’s start with apps.  A little insight, I’ve added some of the best note-taking apps, specifically the ones that can be used with the stylus for writing.

Disclaimer: Best is kind of subjective, so I’m actually going to show you my favorite apps in the state, and also you can check out crossword apps and my preference is towards the simplicity of the app and whether or not there is any cloud syncing so that you can store your notes online.

Microsoft OneNote 

Price: Free

OneNote takes written organization to a whole new level. With dozens of templates for everything from classroom note-taking to personal planning to structuring a novel, OneNote makes admin not only easy but fun! You can create several notebooks, and each notebook can have an unlimited number of pages. It’s simple to use, so you can actually type on the virtual keyboard to include text. There are two highlighters here: one note can capture the handwriting style quite accurately.

And it can also backup your notes, provided you have a OneNote account.


Price: Paid

Apart from being paid, this app can convert your handwritten notes into editable text in real-time. It can read handwritten notes quite accurately, even for words or letters that are quite challenging to read, this app is still able to recognize. The notes can be backed up online to google drive or Dropbox.

Bamboo by Wacom

Price: Free Basic Plan

It mimics the traditional physical notepad really well. I do recommend paying for the unlock because it’s a one-time purchase. It’s also able to capture the handwriting quite well. There is palm rejection as well as pressure sensitivity. The one thing I really like about this app is the simplicity. To save your notes online, one requires a Wacom account.

Unfortunately, palm rejection doesn’t work that well here because the app takes input from the pen as well as from your fingers.

Inkredible Pro

Price: Free Basic Plan

This app doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, so the thin and thick lines are actually styles applied by the software of the app. This app has good handwriting capture, and palm rejection works flawlessly because this app only takes input from the pen, so you can use your finger to write, and nothing will appear. You can use your fingers to navigate around the page though you can clear the page or delete the page. And to back up all the notebooks and folders, you can sync them to the user’s google drive.

Samsung Notes

Price: Free

Disclaimer: This app is available on select Samsung devices.

This app can capture handwriting quite well as it has pressure sensitivity and it has perfect palm rejection, so in addition to writing with the s pen, you can also type in text and also paint. The difference between paint and writing with the pen is, in painting, you have access to all the virtual paint media, while in writing, you have access to all writing pens and pencils, and markers, and you can change the thickness of the lines.

You can also convert handwritten notes into editable text as well with the press of a button so you can choose the area where you want to convert the handwritten notes. Well, to save your notes online, you need a Samsung account; otherwise, it’s saved on the tablet.