AI-Named Memecoin AstroPepex Earns $2M in a Day

ChatGPT recommended AstroPepeX, the first coin’s name, following its analysis of other successful token names.

An unidentified Ethereum developer has announced code that he claims directs artificial intelligence (AI) tools to utilize new ERC-20 tokens. A Twitter post on Tuesday by @CroissantEth disclosed how he integrated ChatGPT API into his script to enable the automatic creation of real digital coins.

The developer explained that ChatGPT is requested to use Open Zeppelin standards to create an ERC20 token. Open Zeppelin is an open-source structure for developing protected smart contracts, comprising libraries of contracts written in Solidity, the programming language of Ethereum.

ChatGPT Name Memecoin AstroPex (APX) Trading on Uniswap

 The developer added that the token name and additional parameters are created to be passed in by values offered by GPT in the code’s manufacturer.

 Croissant claimed he had introduced AstroPepeX (APX), a public token utilizing the tool, and is available on Uniswap for trading. Over the past 24 hours, the new memecoin has generated a trading volume of $12M.

AI Trading Robot

The name was not made up. In this case, ChatGPT founded the names it creates on factual information from the numerous tokens traded on Uniswap. Additionally, it cited them using market-cap information from CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Some testnet runs created coins called ‘QuantumPepe’ and ‘Inuverse.’ These are vivid references to famous ideas and memecoins, for instance, metaverse, Dogecoin, and Pepe.

GPT Demonstrates Potential Input in Data Creativity

Via a message, Croissant claimed that the number of Pepe generations seemed humorous, and it was pretty exciting to view where GPT truly input true creativity in the data. Further, he said it began feeling like it was developing its mind.

Croissant stated that direct configuration of other token particulars, for instance, token supply, is possible. Additionally, the specifics can be left to the creativity of ChatGPT. He also added that more intricate parameters are possible.

He claimed that simplicity was the reason for introducing GPT to the ERC20 standard because it was safe for an initial attempt. An individual could also introduce some kind of unique configuration with their solidity code to introduce a tax rate, manage governance parameters, or make it mintable.

Following the generated description and name for the coin, ChatGPT fed to both DALL-E, another OpenAI tool for generating images, to generate a suitable icon for the coin. Croissant developed his tool to ensure the instant revocation of the ownership of any contract created by ChatGPT. Besides, it sought to ensure the inclusion of all token supply to Uniswap liquidity after creation.

ChatGPT Creates Memecoin TURBO

In May, Rhett Mankind, a digital artist, claimed he had instructed ChatGPT to create a memecoin named TURBO that later surpassed a market cap of $50M. Nevertheless, scarcer aspects of the token’s creation were automated, for instance, its name and ownership rights removal.

Croissant disclosed that Turbo was a significant inspiration behind his project but was altered to involve reduced human intervention. Further, he claimed that CPT wrote the contract code on the basis of the ERC20 guidelines provided for it. Turbo executed everything physically without feeding any information and training to boost its knowledge concerning crypto.

ChatGPT Proof Potential to Assist Non-technical Professionals Launch Tokens on Ethereum Network

Croissant intends to print a user interface for his code, permitting non-technical professionals to introduce tokens on Ethereum via ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the tool has already been utilized to generate other tokens. Croissant’s more tech-intelligent followers have also played a role in the process.

He claimed he has witnessed at least 20 derivative initiatives by scanning local blockchain contract distribution. He also stated that numerous individuals contacted him to reveal the successful utilization of the script. The completion of a user interface will increase this number significantly. 

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