Gemini Sue Digital Currency Group and Barry Silbert Citing Earn Program Dishonesty

Cameron Winklevoss, the founder of Gemini, claimed that Barry Silbert was involved in fraud since he was aware that Genesis was significantly bankrupt when trying to run the Earn initiative.

Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has claimed legal action against Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its chief executive officer Barry Silbert, citing deception of creditors.

Geinimi Alleges Dishonesty in DCG and Chief Executive

The July 7 filing before a New York court reveals DCG and Silbert being accused of involvement in an arrangement that entailed lending significant amounts of United States dollars and cryptocurrency to Genesis. Further, this filing involves Gemini seeking to reclaim funds incurred owing to untrue, misleading, and inadequate representations and omissions to Gemini by DCG and Gilbert. Additionally, the filing indicates their roles in enabling and inspiring the scheme against Gemini.

Genesis, a crypto lender, is a subsidiary of DCG and partnered with Gemini to operate an Earn program introduced in 2021. Under this program, Gemini users could lend crypto to Genesis with a promise of interest during repayment. Nevertheless, in 2022, the organization ceased withdrawals, claiming extraordinary chaos in the market. Further, the situation resulted in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Winklevoss Decries Silbert’s Dishonesty in Running Insolvent Firm

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Cameron Winklevoss posted a Twitter threat on July 7, indicating Silbert’s awareness regarding Genesis being significantly insolvent when trying to run the Earn program. This grievance entailed supposed untrue financial reporting from DCG and Silbert, starting with Three Arrow Capital’s downfall in June 2022. This situation resulted in a 1.2-billion-dollar gap in Genesis’s balance sheet.

Winklevoss claimed that collusion among Barry, Genesis, and DCG was aimed at creating untrue financial reports to prevent Gemini and creditors from knowing the truth. The scheme moves to the apex since Silbert and other DCG officials directly partook in the lies and repeatedly lied to keep Gemini and other creditors in the dark.

Winklevoss Initiates Legal Action Against Genesis

Because of delays in resolving issues between Genesis and Gemini, Winklevoss has repeatedly threatened legal action. An open letter was recently issued to the chief executive officer that proposed an excellent and ultimate offer of $1.47 billion by 2028. A Twitter response on July 7 by DCG claimed that the lawsuit was Winklevoss’s way of getting public publicity and that all wrongdoing claims were offensive, unfounded, and untrue.

The Earn program’s fallout resulted in Gemini and Genesis becoming the focus of state and federal officials. A suit against the two organizations for the alleged provision of unregistered securities was filed in January by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Further, New York’s Department of Financial Services investigated Gemini over claims in its Earn program.

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