Canadian Police Decry the Increased Home Robbery Targeting Crypto Investors

The Canadian police department in Richmond warned of an emerging trend where crypto investors have become targets in home robberies. Law enforcement officers are warning the public of recent robberies orchestrated by perpetrators who impersonated delivery agents only for them to steal cryptocurrency.

Crypto Investors Vulnerable to Impersonating Robbers

The Wednesday, July 19 update warned the public of their vulnerability to impersonators targeting high-value crypto investors. The statement cited several robbery incidents within Richmond. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) admitted that the city in the South of Vancouver had suffered several theft incidents involving digital assets investors in the past year. 

Sergeant Gene Hsieh from the Major Crime Unit in Richmond’s RCMP admitted that a particular individual targets the investors holding high-value cryptocurrencies. The repeat incidents necessitate the issuance of warnings to Richmond’s residents who have invested in cryptocurrencies. 

The RCMP update failed to disclose finer details concerning the theft of home-staged incidents. Nonetheless, Staff Sergeant Hsieh indicated that perpetrators in the cases impersonated the delivery driver. 

Hsieh disclosed that the suspects were posing as delivery persons to gain access to the target investors. Once ushered into the home, the perpetrators are harvesting information from the would-be victims, thereby gaining unrestricted access to the accounts holding their cryptos.

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Robbers Exploit Partial Knowledge to Steal Crypto from Canadians

Delta Police Investigative Services made a similar observation in their recent statement. Staff Sergeant Jill Long warned that the perpetrators have partial knowledge of their victims. Often, the homes targeted involve those owned by individuals with heavy investments in cryptocurrency assets. He cited the incidents as executed by individuals portraying themselves as informed and not merely guessing their targets. 

 The enforcement officers from the Delta police lauded the successful arrest of one suspect. Nevertheless, they are noncommittal to link the crypto theft incidents. Also, the police department has not indicated the cryptocurrency amount lost during the robbery incidents reported so far. They, however, confessed the heightened activity to conclude the ongoing investigations.

Alert Authorities and Inform Purported Employer Delivery Companies

Sergeant Long challenged the crypto investors to refrain from allowing strangers into their homes. Also, delivery individuals should not be allowed into households despite their presentation suggesting legitimacy. Instead, the Delta Police Department asks the investors to ask the individuals to leave the deliveries outside. 

He challenged individuals suspecting impersonation should call the cited delivery company or authorities to ascertain the identity. Involving the authorities is ideal, especially if the victims perceive danger as imminent. 

The police departments reminded Canadians to safeguard their financial information and valuables. Information relating to their personal and investment profiles should be kept in safety boxes. 

The police asked the Canadians to exercise privacy when discussing financial matters. Such information should not feature on their social media platforms. 

Suspect in Pleterski’s Kidnapping Apprehended and Charged

The news of crypto theft orchestrated via home robberies concurs with the recent revelation of Crypto King Aiden Pleterski’s kidnapping in March. The self-proclaimed digital assets King in Canada became a victim of false imprisonment and assault.

The assault involved five men themselves victims in an apparent deceptive crypto scheme. The incident saw one victim claiming to be investing $560000 into the fraudulent scheme. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation indicated that he has since been arrested and charged for the alleged Pleterski kidnapping on Monday, July 17. 

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