Elon Musk Swapping Twitter Logo to X as Company Extends Scope

Elon Musk’s transformation of Twitter took another twist, with the tech mogul announcing a swap of the Twitter logo. The change is hot on the heels of Musk signaling looming changes in the San Francisco-headquartered company. The changes signal the company is edging closer to the everything app that Musk envisioned in October 2022 when acquiring Twitter Inc in a $44 billion deal. 

Musk revealed in a Sunday, July 23 tweet that Twitter would bid goodbye to the Twitter brand. The tweet confirmed the inclusion of the X letter into the logo. The revelation by Tesla Inc chief executive arose during a Twitter Spaces inquiry by a Blue subscriber Greg (@greg16676935420) if he meant changing the logo.

Musk explained that changes to the logo were delayed. The SpaceX chief executive apologized for the delay and assured the changes are imminent. He affirmed that Twitter would cut off the building with the blow torches more dramatically. 

Inclusion of Letter X Sympobilizes Twitter Expanding Scope to Mirror WeChat

Musk delivered the casual confirmation of the changes when playing Diablo 4. He would later urge the followers to suggest designs for the letter X inclusion in the Twitter logo. He would later post a photo admitting his admiration of the Letter X. The photo before the new Tesla X logo captured him with the arms forming the letter X.

Musk indicated that X would represent the leap towards a super application replicating WeChat. He has in the past lauded WeChat for its expansive scope in payment and messaging besides social media in China. The move to expand Tesla’s scope signals that Musk is edging closer to copying WeChat. Replicating China’s giant platform involves a goal shared by Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in creating WeChat for the West. 

AI Trading Robot

Musk indicated that individuals living in China live on WeChat, providing almost everything. He observed that WeChat portrays Twitter as integrated with PayPal and additional services. He lamented that such a product only exists in China. 

The addition of a payment interface is ongoing, with the tech billionaire acknowledging applying for money transmitter licenses. The transition to embrace X featured in Musk’s decision to onboard Linda Yaccarino as the Twitter chief executive in May 2023. 

Musk Swapping Blue Bird for X in Twitter Logo

Musk sought assistance from Twitter followers for the new logo design. He promised that if a pleasant X logo emerged would readily go live tomorrow. The challenge attracted dozens of submissions. 

Musk settled on the submission by Twitter user Sawyer Merritt. The user credited the input of co-host Alex Tourville for coming up with the design for the now-aborted Official X Podcast. 

Platformer managing editor Zoe Schiffer revealed that Musk informed the Twitter employees of the looming change. The swap of Twitter’s logo is the second instance Musk is dropping the iconic blue bird. In April, Musk replaced the bird with the iconic Shiba Inu dog representing the Dogecoin meme crypto. 

The move would later fuel a 20% rally in Dogecoin price. The meme coin would correct the price, dragging Musk into a lawsuit initiated by Keith Johnson. The plaintiff is seeking class-action status by submitting to represent victims who lost money trading in Dogecoin (DOGE). He pleads with the court for $258 billion. The plaintiff accuses Musk of racketeering the deceptive Dogecoin investment and insider trading.  

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