Real Estate Exhibition In Oman On 14-16 March

With both the economy returning to normal life following the impacts of the pandemic, ODBW will allow attendees to concentrate on their marketing efforts, display their solutions, as well as increase customer confidence.

Oman Structure and Create Week (ODBW), integrating Oman Real Estate Display, will be inaugurated at 9:00 am on March 14, at the Oman Exhibition and Convention Centre (OCEC), Muscat, well with the event available to the general populace from 10:00 a.m.

The 3-day activity, organized by the Ministry of urban and housing Planning and endorsed by the Oman Property Investment Association and Muscat City, will operate till March 16,  with displays in Halls no 3, 4, 5 of OCEC.

Over 250 attendees will be present at ODBW, showcasing the newest product, advanced features, and crisis response strategies from the construction, fabrication, and property investment industries. Techno will end up serving as the event’s Platinum Sponsor, while Wujha might very well serve as the OREX Lead Funder, Sakan will serve as  OREX Registration Funder, and Al Mouj will serve as the OREX Strategic Funder.

ODBW would provide an amazing platform for locals and visitors to partner up with firms in the same industry, target supply chain partners, and gain market intelligence. Several architects, contractors, consultants, procurement managers, engineers, decision-makers, and distributors,  will also attend the event, giving an incentive for makers to display their distinctive building materials and strategies.

Ashley Roberts, the Managing Partner of CONNECT, commented on the event, saying, In connection with Oman’s Vision in 2040 to bolster the economy, the marketplace is preparing for transformational changes. The planned mega-projects will transform the property investment terrain while also going to contribute to the development of this industry. As a result, now is an excellent time for corporations and people in related businesses to evaluate potential markets, behavior thorough research and evaluation of existing competition, identify new agencies and resellers, and take into account hugely profitable project alliances. ODBW will provide a venue for such manufacturing enthusiasts to gather to fully understand the current economy, reveal their offerings to potential customers, and concentrate on speeding up business growth.

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