How to use Paytm’s Automatic and Postcard features?

How to use Paytm’s Automatic and Postcard features?

The paytm app makes it easy to send money to any person automatically through a phone. The Paytm app can be used on Android and iOS Smartphone.  Recently, there are also many other advanced features added to this app. Some of these latest features are Paytm Postcard and Automatic. If any person wants to use these advanced features than he should have the latest version of Android is 5.10.0 and on iOS is 5.11.3.

With this postcard features, the user can send money to the phone contacts along with a message or with a customization option. The automatic feature of paytm helps to topped up the paytm wallet automatically.

Paytm Automatic: This feature is currently available only for the iOS users. It is just like a reminder that you can set on your behalf for doing the next recharge in your paytm. You have to set the recharge procedure only one time. You can use this automatic feature of paytm for recharging your mobile, DTH and other things. You have to mention a specific time internal for doing the automatic recharges. You can use this feature by using following steps:

  • Open the Paytm app and make a recharge as you do daily. When the recharge is done then you will see an option for the auto recharge.
  • Click on it and set the recharge repeat duration time.
  • Then select the preferred payment mode from the credit card or paytm wallet. The default mode of payment is the wallet.
  • If you use a credit card then Rs 1 will be deducted from your card amount. This amount is deducted for authenticating the card.
  • The automatic recharge is done with the same amount as done for the first order time.

Paytm Postcard: This advanced feature of Paytm Postcard makes the process of money transfer more interesting and funny. It helps to send money with a postcard. The user can customize the postcard by changing its theme, colors and can write any message. It looks like a greeting card.

You can use this feature by opening the payment app.

  • The postcard button is present on the home page in a blue strip near the button pay.
  • Click on the Postcard button.
  • Select the contact of the receiver whom you want to send the money.
  • Enter the total amount you want to send.
  • Customize your message.
  • Select the postcard theme
  • After completing these steps click on the send button.

The receiver will be notified by the SMS or app notification after receiving the postcard. The receiver can add this money to his account by clicking on the notification.

When a user sends the money with a postcard to the receiver and the receiver doesn’t use this money within 10 days then this money will be credited back to the sender’s account.