Children Education Allowance Exemption

The Reasons Why We Love Children Education Allowance Exemption

The Government of India has announced a renewed child education allowance under the 7th Pay Commission, which will be used to promote the schooling as well as education of kids. All the govt employees who are working under the Govt of India will get the benefits of this allowance exemption for their kids This allowance exemption was in action since 1 July 2017.

In his allowance exemption, govt employees get benefits from the month-to-month costs needed to educate their kids. The govt will carry the school uniforms cost, school fees,  copies, books, and several other costs of the kids of these employees. So, let’s know other details to find out why people love this so much.

What Is Children Education Allowance Exemption?

Children’s education allowance Exemption is a scheme for government employees under the Government of India. Child education allowance available to all employees (Group A to Group D), depending on the salary or rank of the employees who meet them.

Education allowance reimbursed once a year at the end of the financial year. For this, the certificate of the head of the institution in which the child studies, will have to be given. For the subsidy of the hostel, together with the head of the institution’s certificate, the total amount spent on food and housing will be accounted for.

Why Do People appreciate Children’s Education Exemption?

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In the 7th Pay Commission, the government has made a provision for increasing the salary and allowances of central employees as well as an allowance for children’s education allowance. As per the govt order, the govt also offers education allowance exemption for the children and also reimbursement of the Hotel subsidies.

It is the largest surviving child for two. However, in case the 2nd birth is a twin child, then the twin kids with the 1st child will as well get the facility. So, here are the reasons behind all the appreciation of the children’s education allowance exemption in India.

  • As per the govt order, this education allowance is INR 250/- each month. That is, for two children this amount will be 4500 rupees per month. Significantly, in case the parents (both of them) are govt employees, then only one among them can claim.
  • Any government employee can take advantage of this. For this, the employee has to issue a certificate from the chief of the educational institution for the education allowance claim in his office. The certification will assure that the kid is a student of that particular institute as well as he studied there for that academic year.
  • Along with the certificate of the head of the institution, the employee will also have to submit a self-attested copy of the report card of the child and a fee receipt.
  • For hostel expenses, a subsidy of INR 6750/- each month is available. A certificate issued by the head of the institution will be mandatory to claim the subsidy for any academic year. The certificate will show that the child stayed there during that academic year.
  • If this certificate is not available, then it should be recorded in the fee receipt of the school, the child’s lodging, and boarding has taken place on the campus. You can claim the subsidy only after providing those receipts.
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