Woman Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail Who Hired Hitman Using BTC to Kill Her Husband

Every day there is a new story about the illegal usage of Bitcoin in the main media. One such story has also surfaced from the wretched depths of the dark net. Media outlets have reported that a woman named Kristy Lynn Felkins attempted to shop for murder using Bitcoin.

The 38-year-old woman in question hails from Nevada and has been seeking to resort to evil means. She resorted to the dark web to carry out the sinister plan of rendering the services of a hitman to kill her former husband.

To maintain anonymity the women in question tried to make a payment in the form of Bitcoin. It would be impossible to make an online payment of such a nature using a bank account or wire services. Felkins first came in contact with the underground hitman services providers online in 2016.

She was trying to book a murder order to get her former husband to use the dark web and Bitcoin payments for maintaining her anonymity. However, she was unaware that the website was a sham that was used to collect information on the people who are seeking such services.

Felkins was operating under the assumption that she has been talking to a possible assassin for hire. In reality, she had been conversing with a fake website that works to intercept such incidents before they transpire.

The so-called assassin in question continued to converse with her and she eventually agreed to pay the stranger $5000 worth of Bitcoin to complete the task. During the investigation, she agreed that her mind was set on doing more damage than just eliminating her former husband.

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She also confessed that she had been indifferent to the well-being and security of her husband’s new partner. She had expressed indifference to any sort of harm that can be inflicted on her husband’s new partner during the attempted murder.

At the same time, she has been planning to cash out on the insurance policy money tied to her ex-husband’s demise. It indicated that her motives have been financial gains in addition to other issues. She also put in a request to make the murder appear as a random act of violence.

Felkins Pleads Guilty to the Attempted Murder of Her Former Husband

Bitcoin has played a role in the most talked about crime of passion incident involving Felkins. She has already pleaded guilty to her heinous criminal mentality and wicked nature that led her to hatch a calculating murder plan.

Media reports on the matter have already unveiled her evil nature and intent. Since she has been apprehended by the police, she has undergone a lengthy trial.  She agreed to confess to getting a better deal from the Federal prosecutors.

District Court Judge has pronounced her guilty in the matter. She was implicated in the attempted murder case with a second-degree murder charge. This case is nothing short of a thrilling drama. However, some media forces are using this event as a way to attack Bitcoin for supporting online criminal activities.

It is important to note that paid crimes happen before the invention of cryptocurrencies as well. However, there is an increased need for law enforcement agencies to strengthen their cybersecurity investigative skills to detect, intercept, and prevent such crimes from happening.

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