Sushi Sees Overhaul To UI And Joines With Kava

During the start of the year, Kava became one of the hottest new additions to the crypto market. This particular cryptocurrency introduced something new and special, it was one of the only cryptocurrencies to make use of a co chain architecture, which combined two major features of big crypto chains. It managed to combine the Cosmos SDK’s interoperability along with Ethereum’s speed and flexibility.

Kava left the community speechless as soon as it dropped for its co-chain system, but would make headlines as well when joining with Sushi. The new working relationship between both companies have many speculating just how fruitful it could be for each of them.

New Rewards Planned

Following the announcement, Sushi would also go on to announce new rewards planned for their clients.  According to various reports, they have put up $7 million in rewards that are currently up for grabs. As a decentralized trading platform run by a community, the cryptocurrency gives a great deal of power to the investors, allowing them to swap and trade their Sushi currency however they please.

Sushi’s new reward system will bring in plenty of new investors, while rewarding older ones for their loyalty. All in all, it was an excellent choice to keep older investors, while attracting plenty of new people to their business.

An Update to the System UI

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One of the major changes that Sushi made to its infrastructure was that it overhauled its UI, completely changing how it looks and feels. This update has been well worth the wait since people can now make their swaps or deposits easily.

Of course, and overhaul to the UI wasn’t the only thing that it brought out, since it also allowed EVM to access tokens from both cryptocurrencies. By streamlining their processes, both cryptocurrencies can really bring out the best of their individual benefits.

Powering Growth with their Incentive Program

Following the big reveal, the CEO of Kava put out a statement where he shared his thoughts on both the collaboration and what Kava hopes to achieve. He said that growth has always been a major part of Kava’s identity, which they fuel through their incentive program called Kava Rise. According to his statement, Sushi was an original developer in this program and it has complete trust in the system. It’s also why both of them worked together to create a completely unique user experience.


The Sushi team was also quick to put out a statement where they talked about how grateful they are to Kava and how excited they are in general. They trust Kava’s growth-oriented approach and are looking forward to what they do next. But all in all, the future looks very bright for both companies as they move forward with their unique collaboration.

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