Price Analysis of ESPLASH (ESPL) and Dawn of Gods (DAGO)


In the past 24-hours, the value of ESPLASH has almost doubled due to the strong buying power of the bulls. The strong buying power of the bulls has pushed ESPLASH higher by 183.20%. Following the surge, the value for ESPLASH has grown up to its current pivot price of $0.0000007699 per ESPL.

The recent price surge has also caught the attention of the majority of neutral investors. These investors have also started buying ESPLASH on a high scale, pushing the volume by 5772.50%.

ESPLASH’s Positive Movement

The current trend line for ESPLASH is moving into the positive territory, which indicates high gains for ESPLASH. If the bulls do not run out of buying energy, they may continue pushing ESPLASH to higher figures. The first attempt the bulls make would be to push ESPLASH to $0.000001475 per ESPLASH.

The second attempt the bulls make would be to push ESPLASH to the second resistance mark ($0.000002150). Going forward, the bulls may increase their buying power to move more investors to their side. This would increase the possibility of ESPLASH hitting the third resistance mark of $0.000002643.

ESPLASH’s Negative Movement

For now, it seems almost impossible for the bears to make any move but if they do indeed come into force, then ESPLASH may start sinking. The first attempt the bears make would be to pull ESPLASH below its current value, and then attempt to pull it down to $0.0000006929.

From there, the bears may make another move in order to push its price lower. However, the bears will need to build up a strong selling force in order to match the power of the bulls. If the bears prevail, then hitting the second support mark would be easier for the bears. At present, the second support mark for ESPLASH is $0.0000006236.

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As the investors continue observing the low trend for ESPLASH, they may start moving towards the sellers. This would sink the price of ESPLASH even deeper, and push it all the way down to the critical support mark ($0.000000924).

Dawn of Gods (DAGO)

Dawn of Gods has also recorded a strong rally (123.01%) that has created a lot of value for the digital asset. In the past 24-hours, the buyers have gone berserk and it is because of their ferocity that the price of Dawn of Gods is now at $0.0005963 per DAGO.

Positive Sentiments for Dawn of Gods

If the buyers keep building more momentum towards the acquisition of Dawn of Gods, then it may grow up to $0.0009630 per DAGO. With the RSI and the moving averages supporting the high trend for Dawn of Gods, it may continue growing and reach all the way up to $0.001453 per DAGO.

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