Joint Bid by Barbie and Boss Beauties to Onboard More Women in Web3

These two brands have developed a crossover NFT collection comprising several real-world perks and infrequency levels.

Mattel, Barbie’s producer, has partnered with Boss Beauties, a women-governed Web3 brand, to introduce various on-chain virtual collectibles to celebrate the careers that the prominent toy figure has undertaken since its introduction in 1959.

Boss Beauties Joint NFT Collection with Barbie

Boss Beauties x Barbie is a collection featuring nonfungible tokens (NFTs) created using Boss Beauties’ signature style, honoring the 250 Barbie careers. The initial drop will comprise chief executive officers, physicians, artists, pilots, astronauts, and others. 

Besides, the items will cost 25 dollars for a pack of four. They reside on Flow, an NFT-focused blockchain responsible for NBA Top Shot. Besides, the items cannot be bought using cryptocurrency. 

Low Price Points Blend with Simple Checkout Process

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For Barbie Fans, a combination of low price points and a simple checkout process will aid in reducing the challenges of entering Web3. For a long time, Barbie has developed its mission to enhance the inclusion of several girls and women into Web 3. People can access the collection as early as today, and the official unveiling will happen on 18th May at Veecon.

NFTs of different rarities will be distributed in the Boss Beauties x Barbie virtual collectible packs, unlocking specific real-world and digital perks. Further, every pack will contain different cards, including two ‘common cards’ and one ‘uncommon’ one. The other card might take any rarity levels, including exclusive, ultra rare, and super rare. 

Exclusive Access to the World of Barbie Exhibition

The exclusive NFTs comprise 0.47 percent of these cards and will enable a ticket holder to access the impressive World of Barbie, whose exhibition is presently being held in Los Angeles. 

Ultra rare NFTs form 0.67 percent of the total supply and will enable holders to access a limited-edition Barbie’s Career of the Year doll set. Other crucial features of the collection will include secret benefits yet to be revealed, which include more physical goods that holders can access.

Ultra rare guarantees permission to access virtual career talks with women leaders drawn from different professions. It is also critical to note that those who purchase access earlier will enjoy a surprise virtual collectible with a special career trait to be disclosed in July. This is around the same time when the Barbie film will debut. 

Reviewing Previous Web3 Interest 

Previously, the organization ventured into Web3. For instance, last summer, it partnered with French fashion house Balmain to launch a Cryptoys and Barbie NFTs line. Mattel’s urge to combine blockchain-founded products with its brands has remained unchanged for the past year. 

However, the enthusiasm to link the products with Web3-native terms might have gone. Rather than being referred to as nonfungible tokens, the Boss Beauties x Barbie collection is considered a series of virtual collectibles. 

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