Cardano Network Hosts Three New NFTs

Cardano Network Hosts Three New NFTs

Smart contracts capability was officially activated on the Cardano network yesterday. The development team of Cardano had announced last month about the new upgrade. Following the official activation of smart contracts capability, a massive number of decentralized applications and DeFi protocols are showing interest in the blockchain.

An expert programmer on the Cardano network, Kevin Hammond, recently took to Twitter to update the minting of 3 new NFTs on the network. In the tweet published today, he mentioned that this new batch of non-fungible tokens was launched on the network with the help of the Plutus script token factory.

Cardano has Finally Activated Smart Contracts Capability

With the successful completion and implementation of the Alonzo Purple, the developer team of Cardano has been able to lock in the Goguen era. There have been many IT experts who have criticized Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, about the use of programming languages like Haskell and Plutus that might limit the influx of new DApps developers.

Haskell is a programming language that is the key architecture component of the entire Cardano network. As per Hammond, who is also a Haskell language expert, the three latest NFTs released on the network are called Tim, Charles, and Kevin. He also reported that these tokens were launched at the height of block no. 62362-29, 36, and 48, respectively.

There are a good number of programmers who have been looking for a viable alternative for a blockchain-based ecosystem. At present, Ethereum is the biggest placeholder in the crypto market in this regard. However, the slower transaction speed, PoW consensus model, and high transaction fees have presented the users with a lot of difficulties.

Therefore, Cardano has been trying to provide a cheaper and faster alternative for the stakeholders. By the installation of a Haskell Compiler plugin, the developers can send the Plutus Core script to the network. With the ease of access, Cardano has started to invite a host of interesting and unique NFT projects on the network. Cardano developers are also working on the concept of NFTAs, which are CIP 721 Metadata Standard minted tokens.