Axie Infinity Observes over 18% Rally in 24-Hours, May Hit $37.10/$98.48 High/Low

After a long downfall, the price of Axie Infinity has finally started observing a recovery. This is mainly because the overall crypto-market sentiments have turned bullish, resulting in boosting prices of the majority of the crypto-assets.

Axie Infinity (AXS) however, is going for an even higher approach when it comes to observing growth lately. Being one of the largest assets from the metaverse has its own benefits for Axie Infinity. In the mid of 2021, the metaverse sector within the cryptocurrency industry starts recording a high growth rate.

From that point, the demand for the metaverse tokens has constantly grown upwards. Axie Infinity also came into being around that time, offering players not only a gaming experience but also AXS in the form of rewards.

As the world has stepped into the year 2022, the metaverse sector, alongside the NFT sector has proven to be the most demanded entity in the entire crypto-verse.

Therefore, as major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, are observing around 5% growth rates, metaverse tokens are observing over 10% uplifts.

It is due to their adaptability and demand that the metaverse tokens have been observing faster growths compared to other traditional cryptocurrencies.

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According to figures from TradingView, after a constant dip in the price, Axie Infinity has started making a comeback with a high 24h rally.

The data surrounding Axie Infinity has revealed that on January 30, Axie Infinity was at a low price of $51.6 per AXS. As of now, the price of Axie Infinity is at a high value of $62.62, having observed a 20.77% rally in the past 7-days.

Even in the past 24-hours, Axie Infinity has continued recording an over 18% rally, bringing its unit price over the $62 mark. The 7-day graph for Axie Infinity shows that the trendline for Axie Infinity is observing an elevation.

This means that the price of Axie Infinity may continue surging in the upcoming days. Given the current situation, the price of Axie Infinity may grow up to $74.46 in near future.

If more investors keep adding more money to acquire more Axie Infinity, then the price of AXS may elevate to $85.63.

At the moment, the investors have positive sentiments for Axie Infinity. The bulls may use these sentiments in their favor and this way, they can get on the track to a high third strong resistance mark for Axie Infinity.

If the bulls are able to keep the investors motivated by keeping the demand high for Axie Infinity, then they will eventually be able to hit the third strong resistance mark for AXS.

The strong push and strong support from the investors would eventually elevate Axie Infinity up to $98.48 per AXS.

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