Industries setting up a new trends post Covid-19

Industries setting up a new trends post Covid-19

The pandemic as we know has changed our entire lifestyle. There has been a huge difference between pre-COVID times and post-COVID days. We have altogether entered in a completely new world. The epidemic has swallowed and bashed everything but has also made a positive impact on our lives. With the epidemic being part of our lives at the moment we are also accepting the new norm and learning how to live with it by keeping up with our normal lives. In fact, there are some industries who have taken the decision of adapting to the latest trends post the epidemic.

Industries setting up a new trends post Covid-19
Industries setting up new trends post Covid 19

Work-space industry – The new attitude and trend in the office industry will be very different. The old routine had a proper timing of working for 9-12 hours a day. There was the interaction between employees and staff about work and how to execute and accomplish a certain project within the deadline. But now everything has had a 360 degrees change. There are meetings and conferences on video calling, meeting apps like zoom as a major part of the country is doing work from home. The work from home setup also has been troublesome because it has taken pressure on the use of the internet that has led to poor connectivity.

This regime was already made available in many companies but the same cannot be said for businesses because this is the first time they have come under the work from the home umbrella. This has lessened the productivity of businesses and there are delays in the completion of their projects. At present many enterprises are agreeing on adopting new technology like digital tools for management of work activities and operations. The digital tools have helped in increasing the demands for developing solutions in work from home.

The digital tools have really helped in handling most of the work operations of enterprises and have opened windows of opportunities. From connecting with coworkers and people via video conferencing to collaborating with teams businesses are experiencing a boost.

The major effect has been on the working space. After offices will reopen employees have to follow and practice social distancing so it might even have that their work stations can be changed in different locations inside the office. This exercise has calculated to lower generation of revenue per unit area. The lockdown left many empty spaces or reduction of size in the workplace because many employees vacated their work stations during the emergence of the virus. The new system will give the enterprises and startups a chance to facilitate the employees in the utilization of physical spaces for holding meeting and conferences.

The work from home will be present full time this year and with the help of digital tools, this system will give exposure and growth.

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Education Industry – Even though the pandemic forced everyone into a quarantine life it has not deterred the education industry from falling down. Of course, students are missing their school days but still, technology is helping both students and teachers to complete their subject syllabus and assignments by attending online classes. Teachers are also upgrading their technological skills via digital tools that help them how to connect with their students and take regular classes to clear all their doubts and make the students understand the concepts of their subjects. Currently, all examinations of schools, colleges and universities be it finals or entrance exams of various courses have been stopped and all students and teachers are waiting for the final nod from the education board and the government on when to start the examination and assessment cycle.

To make students understand their subjects’ well teachers are also sending pre-recorded audios with simple solutions to make them understand things better and clearer. But the same cannot be spoken about other education and coaching centres as they are facing more problems due to non-availability of these resources to them. Even if they are trying their best to manage everything out still no proper solution to their problems has been detected. Other digital and online concept learning platforms are gaining more prominence and market value.

Entertainment Industry – The entertainment industry must have lost billions of money during the 3 months lockdown time span. So many films and web series who are awaiting their release dates are more disturbed because all cinema halls have been shut down completely, so movies are being released online just now. Shooting schedules have been stopped of both film and television so the entertainment industry is being active on television by rewinding old movies and already finished serials to keep the entertainment industry alive. In the meantime, many old serials are being broadcasted on DD news that was excellent ways to learn about history and mythology of India.

During this time digital mediums like Netflix and Amazon prime videos are keeping the country entered and everyone is binging on all kinds of movies and serials of their choices.

Hospitality Industry – Hotels and restaurants have been badly affected by this global virus. Since the time this virus started spreading in India and other nation’s hotel industry went in for a major lockdown. They shut down all food outlets, eateries, cafeterias, restaurants and hotels to avoid further disaster and start practising social distancing. The only thing open is food delivery and takeaways but even this had been suspended because one of the delivery boys tested Covid-19 positive. One of the top executives has already given a statement that hotels will be shut down permanently in India for the time being. Hygiene has become the most important part of our lives. The lockdown has also made us value the things that we took for granted. People have started valuing brands and appreciate the excellent services provided by the hospitality industry.

Self-Care Industry – The fast-paced city life and work culture made us forget who we really are and made us all robots of the company. Today we are realizing and understanding so many qualities and cons about ourselves. This phase has given us time to study ourselves. We give ourselves to our families, friends, coworkers without even knowing that we should also give ourselves an alone time to rejuvenate from inside. Today the situation has made us unravel ourselves and appreciate, acknowledge and be thankful for even the basic amenities that are present to us.

Work and digital culture have forced us to adopt and nurture them more than anything because we all want to earn for ourselves and be in the safe side of danger. So many changes have appeared during the lockdown and even if we are negative still many positive things have happened to us.

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