Education System in India

Decoding COVID-19 Impact on Education System in India

The coronavirus has drowned so many sectors of India without even sparing the education sector. It has literally drained all the sectors of finances and it has become more difficult to survive to forget about living in such a bad condition.

When the news of the coronavirus entering the country started emerging soon the government of various states took on the decision of first shutting down education institutions such as schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres. The current status of India has created doubts for schools and colleges to reopen. The months between April to July are the most crucial because this is time for holding of various entrance and college exams, declaration of results and new admissions. The present case has put everything on hold.

Education System in India
Education System in India

The opening of education institutions won’t really have a major impact or create more scare of the spread of disease but one never knows what next can happen. The most devastating reality is that the closedown of institutions has had a major effect on school going students.

Education institutions are also doing there very best to fight this pandemic battle. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that like every sector even the education sector is exercising precautionary measure.

  • The schools have been closed for quite a while.
  • The exams have been postponed and rescheduled for the mid-year.
  • The premises are being cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Uncertainty is totally unpredictable at the moment.

The major concerns disturbing the minds of students and parents during Covid-19 –

  • The examination that is it entrance or finals of every course of not just school but also colleges and universities included have been completely postponed. This has created tension and stressed a lot of students and their parents and the worst thing the teachers and faculties will be facing salary deduction, increments and even bonuses for the year.
  • The uncertainty in exam schedule date and cycle not being disclosed to revaluate or examine the students has been a major concern amongst students. This has slowed down the process of internships and placements of students by the university and damaged the management of working capital that was done with low fee collection
  • This has also affected the payment of people working in the private sector, which has catered sizeable students in the country.
  • Counselling sessions of students have been stopped but online sessions are being conducted.
  • The hiring of faculty for existing posts has been put on hold and it has affected excellence and quality
  • Online teaching and learning structures and methods have been designed to make the students understand their subjects and attend all classes. The pandemic has changed the teaching and learning methodologies and has affected the system.
  • Technology will come as a saving grace for all the students and teachers as it will introduce to study and work from home concept. This is the reason teaching methods on an online level have been constructed and made operational but this advantage won’t be accessible to low-income government and private schools. This will put a blockage on e-learning lessons for them.
  • The same situation has affected miserably on the higher education section as well. Many Indian students who are studying in foreign universities have been suffering the consequences of the novel coronavirus over there. This has made the students think before taking a decision to study abroad and putting their applications for admission into foreign universities and national police check australia. Even if the situation becomes a bit calmer there will be a decrease in the number of admissions and application submission.
  • The second biggest concern and worrying thought is about employment. Students who are graduates or are about to graduate will face a lot of problems in getting employment in various sectors in one go. The alarming situation has aggravated so much fear in the minds that they will be withdrawing their job offers from companies and industries.

But even in the ugly situations technology has been our best friend and our soul saviour. We can’t deny the fact that we are complete dependents of technology. It is technology alone that has made us think of solutions to avoid unwanted interruptions in education during Covid-19.

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  • Technology has upgraded and improved the digital skills of teachers and students to be able to connect well with each other and have a thorough understanding of various concepts. Digital learning has become another way of exploring technology with improved Internet connects.
  • Distance learning through technology has become more convenient for students belonging to low-income backgrounds or have disabilities.
  • The current even has made it a necessity to learn about digital learning platforms.
  • Plausible measures should be adopted to alleviate the Covid-19 effects on internships, job offers and research programs.
  • Edtech reform should be integrated into the education system in India on a national level

We should stop living in this denial that implementation of technology in educational practice is needed to shape the young and future minds and for this, both the Central and the State governments should join their hands in the progression of the country. Right now is the time to make things and measures as much available as possible. The present scenario needs proper technology, learning and teaching measures that will give the young minds confidence to deal with the pandemic on a wider scale.

The fears and tensions will be there even after the lifting of lockdown because the side effects of the pandemic will not vanish so easily and quickly. As the reports by international organizations have stated that the testing of this virus and making of proper vaccination to kill the disease will take at least two years because the number of cases is expected to peak even more in the coming months to the end of this year. But we are still hopeful and praying to God that the doctors, researchers and scientists are able to make such medicines, injections and vaccines that can help the COVID-19 patients in combating the fight against the virus. We wish for every healthcare worker to pass in this with flying colours.

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