Interactive Brokers Review – Is Interactive Brokers Scam or a Good Broker?

Interactive Brokers Review

I wish to tell you about a brokerage that provides you with online trading facility today. Why I want to tell you about it is because I think every new trader should know about it. If you have done some basic research, you must have a list of brokers that you want to sign up with. You want to pick one from that list so you can start your trading career smoothly. Based on the amount of understanding that a new trader has of online trading, I recommend you try Interactive Brokers. I am pretty sure that once this firm becomes a part of your short list, you will be compelled to join its trading platform.

Interactive Brokers – Simple and Uncomplicated Trading

Deposit Money with Ease

To start your trading account, you first have to deposit funds in it. In order to deposit funds, you have to pick from one of the multiple ways you have available today. I can tell you that some of those ways are not even safe and that’s why I recommend that you go with only the most verified, legitimate, and established methods of funding your account. You have bank wire transfer as one of the most renowned and safe ways to deposit funds. In addition to that, you can use your credit card. You also have options like Skrill and WebMoney available at your disposal.

You will be glad to know that Interactive Brokers provides you with all of those options to fund your account. So, if you are ready to sign up with it, you can just use one of these methods and get started.

Deposit a Small Minimum

I love the fact that this company has made it easy for new traders to be a part of online trading. It has provided you with five different accounts types. You can choose one that fits your budget easily. After that, once you think you have reached a new level of trading, you can go with the other account as well. What’s imperative here to know is that you can sign up with the Explorer account, which is the first and the most basic account on the list, with just $3000. With that small amount, you will have the best assets and financial markets at your fingertips. You will be ready to trade just like any other trader out there.

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Get a Great Bonus

With other online platforms, I have noticed that they don’t even talk about bonus unless they mention to you a list of conditions and terms. When you look at that list, you will feel as though the online trading service provider is not willing to give you the bonus at all. I can tell you that Interactive Brokers is fully willing to let you take advantage of this amazing feature. First of all, getting the bonus is simple. You just deposit the minimum amount that qualifies you for the bonus and the bonus will come into your account. Now, you just have to pick an account to know how much bonus you will get on your deposit.

If you go with the explorer account, the bonus will be 30% of your deposit. Just going with the next account on the list, known as the basic account, will qualify you for a bonus of 50%. If you go with the most advanced account, called the Platinum account, you will have a bonus of 150%. Could it be any more interesting than that?

Trade on an Advanced Platform

The trading platform from the broker is simple and intuitive. You should not take a lot of time learning how to use this software. Furthermore, you will get all your basic and advanced charts on the trading platform so you can learn them and know where the prices of the assets will be going in the coming times. This trading platform will be there on the device of your choice. Whether you like the power of a desktop computer or the mobility of a tablet or smartphone, you will get the trading platform on all those devices. You should not worry about any compatibility issues either.

Trade Assets You Love

Why should you trade what you don’t understand? Why shouldn’t you trade what makes the most sense to you? With some online companies, I found myself stuck with only a few assets. For example, if you sign up with a forex broker, you will only be trading forex currency pairs. Even if you get to trade minor, major, and exotic currency pairs, you’d still have only a few assets to trade. Not to mention the fact that you will be trading in the same market. When you go with an option like Interactive Brokers, you get to trade CFDs of the assets. This means you can trade just about any asset that you can imagine and be in any financial market that you prefer.

Trade digital coins, precious metals, energies, currency pairs, single stocks, indices, and much more from the same trading platform when you are with Interactive Brokers.

Get the Help You Deserve

Don’t ever be under the impression that just because you have started on a good note with a broker, you will not run into any problems. It’s a part of life. I am not trying to say that the company you have signed up with is going to start bothering you. What I am trying to say is that you will be dealing with many processes at the same time, such as depositing money, withdrawing money, trading, looking at charts, etc. It is natural for you to think that you might need some help from the company at some point. With Interactive Brokers, you have the customer support available 24/7 on the phone and through emails.

Final Thoughts

So, you can say that this broker has kept things pretty easy and simple for you. You don’t have to run into a lot of terms and conditions to get the bonus. You don’t have to figure out the assets that you can trade. You don’t even have to spend time learning the trading software. Everything is quite intuitive with Interactive Brokers, especially when you can learn with the help of a trading analyst. So, have a look at your list again and see which broker will be best for you.

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