EcoMarkets Review – Making Trading a Serious and Lucrative Activity

EcoMarkets Review – Making Trading a Serious and Lucrative Activity

EcoMarkets Review

Ecomarkets WebsiteFor someone who is thinking about becoming a trader, the first thing I would like to say is that they have to take it seriously. There is a lot of talk about trading around the world these days, and some people want to do it only for the sake of jumping onto the bandwagon. If you are considering it as a career, I can tell you that you are thinking in the right direction. However, it is execution that really matters and I think you have to be serious about all the trading matters to really make the most of this activity. As someone who has been trading for some years now, I want you to step in the right direction.

Sometimes, you are all serious about your trading career but can’t continue it only because you end up with the wrong company. If the trading platform you sign up on is not the right one, you can’t continue. And for that reason, I have brought you news about EcoMarkets. This is the company that I think takes every trader from all parts of the world seriously. You will not be any less of a trader just because you are from the other side of the world. With EcoMarkets, all of us have the equal opportunity of trading and making profits on those trades. Let me tell you today why I think this is the company that really makes trading a lucrative and serious business.

Trading TypeCFD
AssetsForex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities
Trading PlatformWeb based and mobile
Segregated FundsYes
AML and KYCYes
Customer Support24/5
Account TypesBasic, Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP
Saving AccountsSilver, Gold, Platinum, VIP
Minimum Deposit$250
BonusYes (up to 50%)

How EcoMarkets Gives Online Trading a Good Name

Gives You Bonuses

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this broker is that it offers you some great bonuses. Why do I think of this particular feature first? Well, when I signed up with EcoMarkets for the first time, that’s the thing I noticed the most. At that time, I had tried some other companies on the internet for trading. In addition to that, I had already done quite a bit of research so I knew what other companies were offering. There was no firm offering a bonus like this one. Yes, I did find some after finding EcoMarkets but they were still not as impressive as this option.

I can tell you that bonuses are very rare in the online trading world. Even if you get bonuses, they come with so many different terms and conditions that you never want to take them in the first place. Not to mention, they are not big enough to get your attention. Things are quite different when you sign up with this company. I can tell you that you will get a bonus no matter which account you go for. Whether you go with the basic or the most expensive account you can enjoy some decent bonus as soon as you make your first deposit. The broker has liked calling it the welcome bonus. You are going to love this welcome like I did.

With the basic account, you can get a bonus of 20% of the amount that you deposit at the time of signing up with the company. If you go with the next account, which is called the standard account, you have a bonus of 25%. This bonus continues to increase until you get to the VIP account, which offers you a generous bonus of 50% on your first deposit. You can see that this firm totally understands how to provide a special welcome to its traders. You get this bonus no matter where you live in the world or how long you have been trading for.

You Get Expert Help

Expert help is not easy to come by these days. Yes, there are many people who want to teach you everything on the internet, but the problem with them is that they are looking to make money first and then give you any benefit. You can’t really expect much from someone who cares more about their money than your trading career. I think the best place where you can get trading education is the broker you sign up with for trading. This company knows you, your needs, and has an in-depth understanding of how trading works in the online world.

So, you are getting all the help that you need to be confident about your trades and get the profits that you deserve for the risks you take. First of all, I have to tell you that the account managers from EcoMarkets are a revelation. They can really help you with your trading needs and provide you with the direction that you need to trade successfully. There are lots of things that you have to consider before you can create a perfect plan for your investments. However, if you are struggling with that plan, you have the free services of an account manager from EcoMarkets to help you.

You should also be happy to know that there is some analyst help for you within the account you choose for trading. When you go from the basic account to the third account on the list, which is called the silver account, you get a senior account manager to help you. However, as you move on from there and go into the gold account, you get something even better. You get time with an expert analyst with your trading sessions. This is how you learn the best form of trading even when the market conditions are at their worst of the year.

You Don’t Pay Unnecessary Fees

It is annoying when you sign up with a company and it keeps asking you to pay money in one form or another. You see, when I signed up with my first broker, I was surprised to know at the time of withdrawal that I had to pay a lot of fees. There were service charges that I was hearing for the first time. I don’t mind these charges, but I had expected something better from my company. I had expected them to tell me everything in advance and not at the eleventh hour. Can you imagine losing your profits just because you have to pay a commission at the time of the withdrawal?

So, yes, I had to go through that situation. However, I have never had to go through that situation since I signed up with EcoMarkets. If you go with the gold or any account after that, you don’t have to pay any fees on your withdrawals. You can withdraw as much money as you want without worrying about the costs because there are none. That’s something you can expect only from the best companies of the industry, and I have to tell you that this particular option has always made me think of EcoMarkets as one of the best out there.

You Have a Full-on Education System

The education system that you get from this broker is one of the best that you will have access to. I have to tell you here one thing that is going to disappoint you a little. The thing is that there is some education for you no matter which online broker you sign up with. The problem is that you can’t really know about the quality of the education unless you read something or watch a video. Even then, you might not be sure if the entire educational program is going to help you or not.

I can tell you that the training program from EcoMarkets is going to help you in many ways. It touches upon all the points that matter the most in your trading. In the training material of other brokers, I usually see that they are talking in vague terms. They are saying things that are common knowledge. You could watch a free Youtube video and learn everything that they are trying to teach you. Now, at this point, you want something special from the company that you have paid money to for your training. Here is where I think EcoMarkets will make you happy.

It provides you with education in the form that makes the most sense to you. You will learn every basic of the trading world. In addition to that, you will learn all the advanced trading strategies that you can use when staying afloat in the trading world seems difficult to everyone. The company is there to help you in every way possible. You have some great ebooks from some of the experts of the industry in addition to some great explanatory videos about trading. Furthermore, you can be a part of online webinars from the company in which you can learn about trading and ask questions to get further clarity on the concepts you are learning.

You Have Great Customer Support

I always say this to everyone who is thinking about trading that you can’t really trust a company unless it provides you with proper customer support. You see, a lot of people think that they can start trading and then they have to worry about making profits only. What they completely ignore is the fact that they will be trading through a third party. You have the broker in the middle, between you and trading. This trading platform or the bridge can affect you in many ways. If you are not getting proper support, you will suffer and lose your trades.

You want professional customer support from the company when you need it. In today’s world, you can find answers to just about all your questions right on the website. These answers have been arranged by companies after proper surveys and data collection. When you need help while you are signed up with EcoMarkets, I think you will get a lot of it from the FAQs section on the website. However, if you want something more to discuss or have a complaint that you would like to forward, you can go with the email option on the website.

Yes, you might criticize the fact that the customer support department of the company is not there for you 24/7. However, I have to tell you that you will get amply helpful support from these agents during the work days. They are not there seven days a week, but they can definitely provide you with help at any time of the day or night during their work hours.

No Worries of Information

No, there is no reason for you to worry about your information when you sign up with EcoMarkets. I can tell you that the safety of your information in this world is the most important thing to do right now. There was a time when people used to worry about their money only. It is amazing and surprising, but your information is much more important to online hackers today than your money. If they had to choose, they would choose not your money but the information that you share with some company online. With this information, they can steal all your money and trade in your name.

However, when you are with EcoMarkets, you don’t even have to worry about any of this stuff. If you can choose a broker that really understands the problem and has the right solution in place, you will never have to worry about the sensitivity of the data that you are providing on the website. And I can tell you that you will have this feeling of complacency and safety when you provide your data on the website of this company. It is properly protected through SSL security certificates. In addition to that, all the information that you provide to this broker is properly encrypted before it lands on the server.

This ensures that your information is safe from anyone who is trying to steal it. You cannot ignore the fact that you have to submit some really important pieces of data when you sign up with online firms for trading.

No Worries of Your Funds

Of course, just because your information means much more than your cash in today’s world does not mean your money has lost its value entirely. In fact, your money is just as important today as it was in the past. You have to make sure that your money is safe when you sign up with an online company for trading purposes. The way to know about the safety of your money is through the account segregation information of the company you are thinking about signing up with. If the company says that it maintains your money in segregated accounts, you can rest assured.

I would like to bring your attention to another important factor here though. You cannot really rely on the answer you get from your broker about the segregated funds. You also have to find out that status of the bank as an institution. If you are talking about a legitimate bank, it will provide you with all the details that will help you decide that your money is in the right hands. So, in this particular case, you should know that this company maintains your funds not only in separate accounts, but also makes sure that these accounts are maintained at banks that are properly regulated.

Trade on the Spot

When you become a trader, you have to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities that arise in the market. As time passes, you will realize that these opportunities are always coming and going. You must not miss your chances because if you do, someone else will take them. To do all of this, you have to have the right trading platform with you. What is the right trading platform you might ask someone? The right trading platform is one that you don’t lose your opportunities on. At the same time, it should be modern and rich with features that let you trade fast, on the go, and on the spot.

I can tell you with surety that the trading platform from EcoMarkets is one of the best you will get your hands on it. It is very straightforward so you should not take much time to learn how to use it. In addition to that, all the graphs and charts that you need to stay on top of your trading are all there on the trading platform. You don’t even have to worry about the fact that you have multiple types of operating systems on your smartphones. It does not matter what operating system you have on your smartphone, you can still use the trading platform from EcoMarkets.

Do keep in mind that you will not have to download this trading platform. It is in the web, which means it is there on and working all the time even when you are not using it. The most important thing is that you can have it on all your devices at the same time. All the settings that you save on your profile will be the same across all the devices if you are using the same profile. The size of the screen of your device does not matter. Last but not least, you can use this trading platform on your computer or smartphone just the same without worrying about the compatibility issues of the operating system.

Trade Assets and Diversify

Talk to any trading expert today and the first tip they will give you is that you should be trading with diversity. When you start trading, only a few assets make sense to you. What you think in your mind is that you should only trade those assets. I can tell you that you are making a huge mistake if you are thinking like that. The first thing you must not forget is that taking bigger risks means that you will be getting bigger rewards. Moreover, you have so many assets available to you for trading when you go for CFD trading. It does not make sense as to why you would not want to trade those assets.

Here is something very important to learn before you even spend a penny on trading. You can diversify your portfolio by investing your money in many assets. You don’t have to have a lot of money. You can put a very small amount of your saved money in trading and trade multiple assets at the same time to make the most of this activity. Whether you want to trade USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, or CHF, you will find them all on the trading platform. In addition to that, you will also have precious metals like copper, silver, gold, and platinum in your reach with this broker.

You can also trade crypto assets with this company. You should keep in mind though that they are not really the asset themselves. You are trading CFDs with this firm and that’s what you will be doing no matter which financial market you become a part of.

Get Leverages

If you tell an expert all of this that I have told you so far, the first thing they will ask you is about leverages. Leverages are an important factor to consider when you trade with online brokers. You can get some huge leverages on your trades, which means the company you have signed up with will help you get into a trade by providing you with the money that you don’t have to enter that particular asset. The leverage you will get with EcoMarkets is 1:200. This means you only have to manage a dollar from your pocket to make the broker jump into the deal with $200.

Final Thoughts

So, why do you think trading is not as fun as other careers? Trading is a lot of fun, but only when you take it seriously. I know this might sound a bit oxymoronic, but I can assure you that you have to have fun when trading while all the time maintaining your composure so you don’t end up with trades you don’t want. With a perfect trading platform on mobiles and desktops, huge leverages, and an expansive asset index, I don’t find any reason why a trader will not feel like trading with this broker.