Blue Stars FX Review, – Is BlueStarsFX Scam Or Legitimate?

Blue Stars FX
If you want to sign up with BlueStarsFX then read this comprehensive review to get to know about the features of this broker. Is Blue Stars FX scam? Is it a legit serious broker? Keep reading to learn more!
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Blue Stars FX Review

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Thanks to online trading, it seems like many people have found it convenient to start trading in various asset markets. It’s a more suitable alternative to traditional investment mediums and trading methods. Even so, users have to go through more of an extensive learning process before they become experts.

And once they gain expertise, regular brokers fail to deliver the type of functionality they’re seeking. That’s why most experienced veterans in online trading want to make a switch to different platforms. In this Blue Stars FX review, I’ll talk about one example of a platform that can provide what experts are seeking. 

As more traders gain extensive experience, they need added features that can improve their overall trading process. So, when I noticed how much traction the broker platform is getting among the expert community, I decided to test its features. 

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Choose Your Preferred Online Trading Account 

While I was exploring the BlueStarsFX broker platform, I noticed that traders could easily choose their preferred trading account. Once you’ve entered your personal details, such as your name, contact information, email address, and more, you can choose your desired account. These are tied according to users’ skill levels, so expert traders are able to access a premium account. 

Although this account requires a bigger deposit compared to lower-tiered accounts, it definitely offers additional perks. When you have a premium account, you get VIP invitations to exclusive trading events where you can network with other experts and gain crucial insights into other markets from around the world.

Similarly, you get access to special perks such as exclusive market analyses that give you an edge when preparing a strategy. 

Get Tighter Spreads For Better Returns

Regardless of expertise, a common issue that many traders face is commissions that eat into their profits, which can leave them feeling discouraged. And in the case of experts, a higher volume of closed positions can make this even more difficult because you end up paying a lot in commissions.

A major advantage of getting a premium trading platform account is that you can access tighter spreads on your trades. Spreads are simply the difference between the buying and selling price on the Blue Stars FX broker platform.

And for experts, you have the added benefit of tighter spreads that don’t eat into your profits. That means you’re paying a smaller cost for every trade executed. As you make more successful trades, these gains will compound.

Test Your Appetite for Risk 

While looking at the features that you get with the premium account, I also saw that the leverages are much higher. On the BlueStarsFX trading account, experienced traders are rewarded with higher leverages so they can get an opportunity to maximize their returns by coming up with a better strategy. 

By taking up a leveraged position, you only pay a fraction of what’s required for the deposit. These leverages aren’t accessible by lower-tiered accounts to reduce beginners’ exposure to unnecessary risk. That’s because high leverages can also increase your risk, so it’s highly recommended to start small and gradually increase it. 

Manage Your Entire Portfolio 

Blue Stars FX trading portfolio

The most important feature is how the Blue Stars FX trading platform offers an array of asset classes for users to choose from. That means experts can build a highly diversified portfolio from one place instead of signing up with multiple brokers. 

You can add different assets to your portfolio, such as cryptocurrencies if you like crypto trading, stocks if you’re a traditionalist or commodities. There are even forex pairs, indices, and a handful of other options. After all, experts usually have knowledge about multiple markets, so having access to these many options allows you to put it to use. 

Is BlueStarsFX Scam or Legitimate?

Though I’ve mentioned plenty of useful features in my Blue Stars FX review, I also want to discuss how it protects users. It starts by verifying all of its users while they sign up, according to its AML and KYC policies, to reduce the risk of issues like money laundering or identity theft. Similarly, all user data that goes to the platform is encrypted to protect it, which proves that it’s a legitimate platform. 

Bottom Line 

To conclude my detailed Blue Stars FX review, I’ll quickly summarize the features that I discussed above. Expert traders who sign up with this platform can conveniently choose their desired trading account according to their skills.

A major benefit of this premium account is that it gets better spreads for tighter returns. Also, they can take up higher leverages on their trades to test their appetite for risk and start increasing it. Most importantly, you’ll be able to manage an entire diversified portfolio from the platform, making it easier to manage. Needless to say, it’s a great option for experts. 

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