Everything You Need To Know About Canara Bank Scholar Corner

Everything You Need To Know About Canara Bank Scholar Corner

Canara Bank is considered on the fourth rank in the list of top government banks in the future. There is a good rise in the popularity of Canara Bank because of the facilities provided to customers. The bank organizes several schemes, and one of the most famous ones is the Canara scholar corner. Here we have provided a detailed description of this particular scheme provided by Canara Bank. So by reading this, you will get all the desired information about the Canara scholar corner scheme.

What Best Describes Canara Scholar Corner?

Canara scholar corner is UGC organizes a scholarship scheme provided to the students. This scheme is commonly known as scholar corner by most of the students who will take advantage. It has a direct association with the public management system to distribute the scholarship through the Canara Bank.

So the Canara Bank will act as a medium to provide students with their eligible scholarship amount on time. The students must be eligible for the scholarship provided. There will be a test that students have to pass to get the benefits of a scholarship.

Benefits Provided By Scholar Corner

There are plenty of benefits that students can access by the scheme. Once they passed the test taken by the authorities, they will be able to use the benefits provided. Some of the benefits that students can access by Canara scholar corner are illustrated here.

Indira Gandhi Scheme For Single Girl Child

According to this scheme provided by the scholar corner, the students will get a good amount. With the help of Canara Bank, these students will be provided a monthly allowance of 3100 rupees.

Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship For SC

That student who is categorized in the SC category will be provided this fellowship. These children will get a scholarship amount of 28000 every month.

Fellowship Of Net/Jrf

Those students who get selected in the exam of net/jrf will be provided the scholarship. These students will get 28000 every month in the form of a Canara scholar corner scholarship.

Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship For Research In Social Sciences

Those who are eligible for this category will be provided 28000 every month. This scholarship is available mostly for those in the PWD department and many others also.

Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region

The students who have opted for general degrees will be provided a scholarship amount of 5400 every month. Also, in a similar scholarship, those involved in technical degrees will be provided a scholarship of 7100 per month.

Requirements For The Registration

If any student wants to register for the Canara Bank scholar corner scheme, they should know some of the required details. Some of the documents that you will require at the time of registration should be considered. First of all the student Have to choose the particular scheme for which you will apply. ID for being a student and an email address registered with the university, along with mentioning the date of birth.