Huobi Crypto Exchange Battling Insolvency Rumors as Exchange Suffers Huge Outflows

Huobi crypto exchange faces a bleak future as the platform suffers huge outflows. Crypto analyst Adam Cochran decried the dismissive remarks by the community manager, citing the reports of Huobi’s struggles as pure rumors.

Huobi Exchange Suffers Huge Outflows

Cochran reveals that the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange suffered huge outflows estimated to exceed $64 million over the weekend. The outflow eroded the total value locked (TVL) from $3 billion to $2.5 billion, as illustrated in the DeFiLlama. 

The fintech executive, who also identifies as an angel investor, exposes the financial instability of Huobi with several statements. The crypto Twitter analyst particularly illustrated that Binance has initiated bulk selling of Tether (USDT) stablecoin. 

Is Binance Concerned With Huobi Stability to Sell Off USDT?

Cochran wondered why the crypto giant Binance was selling off Tether. The executive attributed the development to Huobi’s insolvency. He indicated that the Huobi crypto exchange had portrayed weird balance shifts since early July.  

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Cochran linked the observation with the prevailing speculations that Huobi personnel, alongside executives drawn from the Tron blockchain, were questioned by law enforcement. The analyst decried the dismissive remark and listed individuals detained by the police. Among the executives detained from the Justin Sun platform were server operations, product, human resources, and chain tech personnel, who reported to the Tron chief tech executive Marus Zhong. However, Cochran subsequently deleted the tweet.

Cochran theorized that Binance is selling Tether with intentions to tope USDT to propel stablecoins they can control and gain from their use. Also, he opined that the sale arises from the realization that Tron’s Sun does not possess the USDT he claims. The analyst considers that users may discover the inadequacy of USDT in Tron’s situation, which would trigger a mass dump. 

Cochran outlined the understanding of Huobi’s reserves and holdings. He estimated that USDC and USDT assets, Huobi holdings, were $90 million. He questioned the in-house Merkle Tree Audit listing that the crypto exchange users have USDT worth $630M. Also, the audit indicated that the platform has $631 million USDT in wallet balance while only $90M is available in Huobi. 

Huobi Executive Cannot Downplay the Mounting Challenges

Cochran illustrated that the missing funds are traceable in propping up yields within Poloniex, Tron, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications under the Sun empire. He doubted the amounts claimed by Sun as his holdings only portrayed half of the obligation for Huobi.

The head of Huobi exchange’s social media downplayed Cochran’s statement as pure rumors. She disapproved of the involvement of police and indicated that Huobi had normal operations. She termed the statements mere speculations warranting more investigation to authenticate the source of such information he termed FUD. 

Cochran reaffirmed his position, indicating that he sourced the details from a senior executive working at Tron. He confidently stated that the executive had first-hand knowledge concerning the USDT holdings and had worked at Tron for several years. 

Cochran warned that Huobi personnel were facing criminal-related questioning. Statements casting doubts about Huobi USDT holdings feed into the exchange’s complexity. It announced a 20% headcount reduction as it terminated operations in Malaysia. Besides, Huobi suffered the exit of a C-level executive in the past weeks.

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