Shiba Inu Partners with D3 to Unveil .Shib Domain for Websites and Email

The SHIB developers have, in a recent statement, confirmed partnering with D3 to roll out the inaugural top-level domain for a crypto company. The developers of the dog-themed memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem revealed on Tuesday, December 19, the intention to pursue .shib as the top-level domain. 

The Tuesday announcement confirmed the application with the ICANN – the entity involved in maintaining various internet aspects. 

The move by the Shiba Inu developers differs from the approach adopted by other entities. In particular, entities such as Ethereum Name Services and Unstoppable Domains provide crypto users with the capability of claiming domain names carrying .eth and .crypto. Nonetheless, the domains reroute the users to the crypto wallets, not websites they can access via traditional browsers. 

SHIB Ecosystem Eyes Becoming Pioneer Crypto Domain

Innovations of that nature are helping streamline online identities amid the emergence of wallet addresses deploying multi-dozen characters. Nonetheless, there does not exist a single crypto-themed name whose ownership is captured via a nonfungible token (NFT). None is linked to the Domain Name System (DNS) governing primary internet functions such as email addresses and website names. 

SHIB team seeks to change the narrative into becoming the pioneer crypto domain permeating the mainstream internet. Its realization involves the SHIB ecosystem partnering with D3 Global – a leading digital infrastructure firm. The latter seeks to facilitate Shiba Inu’s pursuit of the TLD. 

Shiba Inu’s head developer, Shytoshi Kusama, indicated that the partnership with the D3 will help scale beyond the existing #ShibArmy. The move is set to present over 5 billion internet users with the opportunity to access the SHIB ecosystem directly. 

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Kusama indicated that introducing real domains into the memecoin ecosystem involves a huge deal that expands the SHIB’s vision for digital identities. The expanded scope occurs within the decentralized ecosystem while yielding untapped opportunities to generate long-term earnings.

Shiba Inu Developers Awaits ICANN Approval 

The application by SHIB would take longer to ascertain its success or failure. A review of ICANN activities indicates that it last opened applications for TLD in 2012. 

The application cycle saw the emergence of tech favorites domains, including .xyz, .app, and .ai. The .ai domain involves the technical representation of the Caribbean island Anguilla, which has existed since 1995. 

Previously, ICANN had indicated it would open the application cycle involving TLDs in 2026 spring. Such revelation indicates that it would take several years for the SHIB team to secure approval and implementation of the domain. Such an outcome is still not guaranteed. 

Despite the awareness that some uncertainties cloud the domain approval, the Shiba Inu team allows users to register for prior access to the theoretical service and claim the SHIB names. 

If Shiba Inu eventually realizes such a right, the feat would translate to an unprecedented boon for the Ethereum-based token to grow its crypto ecosystem.

The crypto ecosystem features several projects led by the $6 billion memecoin SHIB, Shibarium, profiled as layer-2 blockchain and the present crypto-exclusive naming services.  

The realization of the .Shib domain would enable the SHIB developers to realize functional integration of the conventional and Web3-based systems. Its accomplishment would trigger rapid acceleration of the adoption of Web3 identities.  

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