What Exactly Is A Real Estate Flat Fee?

When it comes to selling your home, the knowledge of such a real estate professional can be invaluable. However, that assistance may come at a high cost. Homeowners generally pay fees to the agencies who assist in closing the deal, which would be split between both the realtor and the purchaser’s agent. As per RealTrends, the current average fee in 2021 will be around 4.9 to 4.94 % of the apartment’s sale price.

Alternatives to the traditional fee model include flat-fee brokers and estate agents. The selling agent would also charge a flat fee for their facilities instead of a commission depending on the total sale price of the house under the flat-fee model. Whereas flat-fee offerings can save you cash, it’s critical to understand their limitations.

What exactly flat fee is?

Rather than a percentage-based commission depending on the final selling price of a house, a flat fee is indeed a flat rate that a seller pays to a real estate agent or real estate broker. The quantity your household wants to sell for does not affect the final fee users pay the estate agent for their facilities when you use a flat-fee contract.

“Afixed amount is paid to the real estate agent when you invest in the property rather than a %age of the sale. For instance, instead of having paid a 3% fee on an $80,000 sale, the agent could receive a $6,000 flat fee,” asserts Rick Albert, a dealer partner with AMERICA Property Investment in Los Angeles. “The vendor gives the same amount to the real estate agent, regardless of the price of the property which is sold.”

What is the difference between a flat fee or a commission-based property investment transaction?

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A fee transaction differs from a flat-fee payment in that the operative or broker is compensated the very same fee depending on the final selling value of the home.

“Ifthe real estate agent gets a 3% commission on the sale of $500,000 for example, it would be equal to $15,000, vs the agent receives the same fee in a flat-fee contract if the home wants to sell for $100,000 or $2 million,” Albert explains.

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