Saga Mainnet Unveils as SAGA Token Lists on Binance, Plots More Airdrops

Saga Mainnet Unveils as SAGA Token Lists on Binance, Plots More Airdrops

The gaming-focused Saga network unveiled its mainnet with plans to roll out more airdrops and staking rewards. Saga involves a newly designed layer-1 blckchain network allowing creators to unveil their layer-1 chains. 

Saga was unveiled on mainnet on Tuesday April 9, alongside the SAGA token listed on the largest global crypto exchange, Binance. The rollout comes after the historic campaign for the Binance launch pool for the SAGA token.

Saga to Enable Creators Unveil Layer-1 Chains

The launch pool campaign featured over 0.5 million customers on Binance stake crypto of nearly $13.4 billion. The clients staked FDUSD stablecoin and Binance Coin (BNB) to earn a portion of 45M SAGA tokens, translating to half of the circulating supply.  

Saga chief executive Rebecca Liao clarified that the mainnet unveiling involves a six-phase process. The co-founder confirmed that the Saga “security chain” went live and currently holds the SAGA alongside the protocol chain comprising the application, enabling creators to unveil layer-1 chains. 

The network creation empowers developers to nurture the capacity to deploy more chains though utilized in unison. The network allows the capability to propel more supporting chains relative to requirements, similar to adding more cloud servers powering the Web2 application. 

Liao illustrated that the Saga network can support games and applications running on other chains. The Saga network focuses on scalability, though it is recognized as a gradual approach to its accomplishment. 

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Liao indicated that the Saga team is devoted to building an infinitely scalable system by deploying a gradual approach to avoid exploding the build simultaneously. The Saga chief assured that gradual development is necessary to ensure each deployment is stable and capable of handling the load as the developers desired. 

Liao reiterated that the Saga network is not purely a gaming chain but a constituent of its early focus. The executive reflected on the chain’s early focus to roll out the play-to-airdrop events in 2023’s last quarter, which lasted till the onset of 2024. 

Saga Using Airdrops to Onboard Users

The gaming-centric network held video game competitions, with top finishers rewarded with SAGA token allocations. Liao illustrated that 80% of the testnet projects have gaming affiliations. The chain plans to unveil an in-house game publisher. 

A review of Saga activity reveals the network held airdrop claims last month featuring play-to-airdrop qualifiers. The claims accommodate decentralized finance (DeFi) stakers on Avalanche and Cosmos chains.

The claims held in March featured holders of leading NFT initiatives such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. While the team indicated that over 200,000 unique wallets are eligible, not all claimed the tokens timely. 

Liao stated it would roll the unclaimed SAGA tokens from the March claims into the subsequent airdrop opportunities. The network is tapping the airdrops to onboard more individuals into the ecosystem. 

Saga Enhancing Ecosystem to Support Multi-chain Applications

Liao explained that the subsequent airdrops will sustain the loyalty theme in the subsequent airdrops. Future waves seek to reward the ascertained users as contributing to enhancing the Saga ecosystem and engaging with the applications. 

Liao disclosed that Saga plans to unveil surrounding partners following the launch. The press release explained that the mainnet debut indicates the chain schedules to airdrop the SAGA tokens in subsequent months. 

Liao assured individuals staking the SAGA token will earn rewards. The release added that Saga plans to regularly airdrop loot boxes with over 100 of the partner’s tokens to the stakers. 

Beyond the gaming angle Saga portrays, the chain is progressively shifting towards scalability. 

Saga focuses on how to power the in-demand applications besides supporting games initially running on other chains. Liao considers that Saga mainnet should seize the moment, citing the recent struggles confronting Base and Solana networks due to elevated meme coin-driven demand.

The chief executive believes the Saga mainnet launch is timely to tap into the in-demand applications. 

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