Polygon Executive Welcomes Healthy from Firms Building zkEVM Solutions

Polygon executive is optimistic about the input that leading Ethereum development firms have as they roll out various zero-knowledge scaling solutions. The Polygon executive considers their input as driving healthy competition within the Ethereum ecosystem. 

The top development firms have recently increased activity towards unveiling zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines (zkEVMs) solutions to scale the network. The move nurtures healthy competition that Jordi Baylina considers the focal point of future products. The technical executive in Polygon Hermez zkEVM believes the increased competition among builders is a learning point for future development.

Baylina welcomed healthy competition in zkEVM as builders converge in Paris for this year’s Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC). The pronouncement urging healthy competition among the builders aligns with the theme of the largest European Ethereum event oriented to technology and community. He predicted the zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) based scaling tools would become the essential focal point. 

ZK-Proofs Facilitating the Basis of Increasing Ethereum Network’s Throughput

Baylina restated that Polygon’s zkEVM utilizes the ZK-proofs to minimize costs while guaranteeing increased throughput for the Ethereum network. Its accomplishment leverages the security and finality guaranteed by the Layer-1 blockchain.  

Baylina considers the utilization of ZK-proofs as reliable and critical scaling tools within the Ethereum ecosystem. The tech facilitates Ethereum-based protocols such as the Polygon’s zkEVM to handle and execute the transaction computations off-chain. The support for the off-chain computations helps prevent the revelation of affiliated data before providing resource-lite proof to the Ethereum mainnet.

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Baylina, who heads Polygon’s zkEVM, lauds the ongoing development breadth using the ZK technology, given its irreplaceable benefits drawn by the wider Ethereum ecosystem. The tech lead admitted that the diversity of projects yields ground for drawing experience. Also, it grants a platform to assess the different approaches one could deploy to handle and solve things.

Baylina acknowledged that developing various projects often orient towards emulating the promising advances and desire to transform them. Also, the failures suffered in the development cycle constitute critical lessors for the existing ZK-based projects.

The remarks by Baylina inviting healthy competition coincides with the revelation of impressive performance by the Polygon zkEVM since launching on the mainnet. The network is witnessing increased activity as it edges closer to 250000 unique active addresses. Also, the daily active addresses on the Polygon zkEVM portray bullish steam, thus indicating increased user adoption. 

Polygon’s zkEVM Utilizing Builders to Discover Areas that Need Adjustment

Baylina confessed that the applications building on the Polygon zkEVM are the essential metric for the team. Tracking the applications yields invaluable input as they interact with divergent information and feedback shared by various developers. The output from the developers influences the adjustments undertaken to the protocol. 

Baylina indicated that the real metrics pursued in Polygon’s zkEVM are tapping into the issues raised by developers. Taking note of the issues they highlight as viable for improvement and adjusting the tooling quality is an informative platform.  

The technical lead executive revisited an instance where the developers discovered inconsistencies in the timestamps. They identified that timestamps issues eroded their input considered critical to facilitate the operation of the decentralized finance oracles. He admits the Baylina team relied upon the information from developers to formulate a workaround solution as they sought a long-term fix to the challenge. 

Experience of Multiple Builders Becoming the Source of Information to Advanced the zkEVM Infrastructure 

Baylina warns against underrating the input of multiple builders as it becomes the basis of improving the protocol in readiness for more developers to join the ecosystem. The rising number of active addresses indicates that critical projects are launching on the network. The activities become the basis for drawing knowledge and experiences relative to the requirements portrayed by different applications.

Sandeep Nailwal identified Polygon’s zkEVM as the holy grail in Ethereum scaling. The Polygon cofounder admitted that its existence would support the protocol submitting proofs destined for the Ethereum mainnet. The process would occur without the layer-1 blockchain rerunning the computations.  

 Nailwal considers the zkEVM as tech designed to scale Ethereum. He added that it uniquely allows developers to create decentralized applications without hindrance by the blockchain’s network performance.  

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