Pixel Games Airdrop Unveiled- How to Acquire Pixel Tokens

Pixel Games Airdrop Unveiled- How to Acquire Pixel Tokens

The airdrops season has captivated most crypto fans, a situation heightened by Pixels’ most recent announcement.

Again, the smell of airdrops is prevalent as numerous crypto projects attempt to gather enthusiasm and interest in their endeavours by giving free money. Crypto traders prefer being gifted after executing blockchain transactions using more crypto. The Pixels gaming community is included. 

Interest in the browser-founded retro MMORPG game rose after Pixel moved to Axie Infinity’s Ronin blockchain three months ago. CryptoSlam data shows that despite the game witnessing some bot activity, Pixels also saw more than $3M in nonfungible token sales in the past month.

Pixel’s Founder Rules Out Surprise Airdrops

In late 2023, Luke Barwikowski, the founder, revealed to Pixels enthusiasts that the game’s team would be ‘quite loud’ regarding its imminent airdrop for PIXEL, its second crypto token unveiling. Additionally, he said the team would not offer surprise airdrops. ‘Surprise’ crypto airdrop scams are pretty prevalent on social media platforms.

In a blog post published early Friday, Luke noted that they are just starting despite Pixel being there for two years. In this case, they have ambitious objectives, including developing a sustainable Web3 ecosystem with PIXEL.

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Luke also said that crypto traders and gamers must play the Pixels game to be eligible for the PIXEL airdrop. Christened the ‘play-to-airdrop’ (P2A) strategy, Pixels will recognize players who execute ‘difficult tasks’ or ‘play a role in the ecosystem’s development.’

Thousands of Players Eligible for PIXEL Token Airdrop

Players must play Pixels long enough to acquire as numerous badges as possible. Besides, they must advance to the game’s P2A leaderboard by January 19. The post showed that the top 7000 players will be part of the forthcoming PIXEL token airdrop.

Another 1000 random Pixels players will be ‘picked at random’ for the PIXEL airdrop, and those with higher ‘reputation scores’ will get additional rewards. Earning points might also entail players doing things such as referring their friends to participate in the game.

Earlier, Pixel developed an identical P2A leaderboard for its previous airdrop. Persons who took part and became eligible for the initial airdrop will automatically qualify for the imminent PIXEL airdrop; participation is unnecessary.

Despite the full whitepaper for PIXEL not being unveiled, the token will be the game’s ‘premium currency.’ It will enable players to participate in pet nonfungible token (NFT) mints and provide other gameplay incentives. 

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