MoonPay Unveils Structured Checkout Tool for Purchasing NFTs

The MoonPay Checkout widget ensures fast and easy NFT purchasing with debit and credit cards, multi-mint support, and more. On Thursday, MoonPay, a crypto payments company, revealed it had unveiled an improved checkout tool for nonfungible tokens, offering firms and marketplaces a means to ease purchasing collectables, tokenized artwork, memberships, and other items.

MoonPay Checkouts builds on the feature group of the firm’s original nonfungible token checkout widget, providing a no-code tool that can be effectively incorporated into websites to allow clients to buy nonfungible tokens across numerous chains via credit and debit cards.

Features of MoonPay Checkout Tools

The firm claims the improved tool comprises a structured process with fewer steps to buy nonfungible tokens, incorporation with Apple and Google accounts for a familiar login procedure for clients, and an uncomplicated process for offering know-your-customer (KYC) documents.

During a checkout, clients can also create a crypto wallet to accelerate the buying process further. As such, one does not need to be crypto-conversant to begin.

Currently, this tool works with nonfungible tokens across 41 blockchain networks, including Solana, Flow, Ethereum, and Polygon. Minting several nonfungible tokens in one transaction is also possible.

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Concerning brands, MoonPay provides additional features such as tailored visual themes, the capability to pay users’ gas costs, and custom smart contacts to enhance the purchasing experience. Additionally, MoonPay promises no chargebacks when clients utilize the tool to buy nonfungible tokens.

MoonPay Agrees to Support NFT Development

The firm claims that significant marketplaces such as Magic Eden, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and OpenSea have implemented the tool.

Ivan Soto-Wright, MoonPay’s co-founder and chief executive officer, told a media outlet that offering an enjoyable nonfungible token purchasing experience is ‘one of the major obstacles for brands.’ He also said the firm has wholly revised the checkout procedure.

Ivan said that what was originally a five-screen process is currently a flawless and four-click experience that simplifies purchasing digital collectables within a short time.

He also revealed they are consolidating the Web3 technology with the best-quality user experience that clients anticipated in Web2.

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