Google Amends Policy to Clarify Advertising Scope of Blockchain-based NFT Games

In its recent statement, Google has confirmed updating the advertising policy for the nonfungible token (NFT) games. The amendment indicated that titles proving wagering and staking mandate seeking gambling certification. 

The policy update changes the scope of crypto-related advertisements to permit the promotion of blockchain-based video games using the NFTs. Nonetheless, Google’s update prohibits advertisers from promoting gambling-related crypto games and those offering token staking rewards.

Google Restricts Games Allowing Users Stake Tokens to Secure Rewards with Real-World Value

The advertisement rule amendment is scheduled for enforcement on Friday, September 15. The update portrays efforts by the American tech giant to establish open yet regulated handling of blockchain and NFT games.

The update acknowledges that developers can create Google advertisements for games offering in-game cosmetics, in-game NFTs, and weapons. The policy amendment observes that it prohibits crypto-based and NFT games from rewarding players with the capability to stake and wage tokens to win items of real-world value. The policy ultimately bans advertising games, allowing staking to secure an opportunity to win. 

Google Advertisement Policy Bans Games Portraying Social Casinos

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The policy bans all games portraying social casinos where users are granted NFTs from running advertisements. The restriction scope extends to the games identifying with real money gambling. The games would not purchase advertising space with Google.

The post indicates that games requiring the users to lock up cryptos and NFTs to reap crypto are prohibited under the new crypto advertisement policy. 

The policy update considers that games deploying variations of elements deemed gambling by Google will face additional restrictions. In particular, the update compels such game providers to secure the necessary gambling licenses and certification via Google’s gambling application procedure.

Google Bans Games Advancing Gambling Mechanics

The move by Google to amend its advertisement policy portrays recognition of differences arising in games where users earn NFTs representing the in-game items, enhancing gameplay. Such differs from NFTs that advance gambling mechanics for users.

The move mirrors Google’s relenting in its tough stance on crypto-affiliated games. In July, the firm unveiled new rules admitting Android developers within its Google Play Store. Such developers can integrate NFTs into games, provided they exclude gambling mechanics. 

The July update prohibits the sale of NFT bundles via the loot box-style mechanics and gacha. 

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