Crypto Gaming Platform Portal Partners with Rockstar Co-Founder Amid Airdrop Turmoil

Founder of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has teamed up with Portal, a cross-platform gaming token project.

Dan Keene, Portal Chief Business Officer and founding team member, told a media outlet that Jamie King, one of the earliest founders of Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto maker, has partnered with Portal Foundation, which is based in the Cayman Islands, as an advisor to aid in the supervision the project’s crypto gaming initiatives. 

Portal Hails Partnership with Rockstar Games Co-founder

Keene said via email that this was a happy moment for Portal and himself. Portal is exclusively placed in several ways to guide the future of web-founded gaming functionality and alter the face of this upcoming sector.

Earlier this month, King joined The Wanderers, a crypto gaming project, and became an advisor to Leap, a blockchain sports application, in 2022. In an interview on King’s involvement with the Portal Foundation, Keene revealed to a media outlet that they have partnered with Jamie to proclaim and combine the go-to-market approach on Portal, particularly from a Web IP perspective.

Keene is also SuperDuper’s Chief business officer. At present, SuperDuper is the startup behind the Creepz nonfungible token project on Ethereum and the imminent Overload game being developed in partnership with Immutable. According to King’s Twitter profile, he is SuperDuper’s advisor.

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Rockstar Co-founder to Assume Advisor Role in Project

Keen claimed that King’s role as an advisor meant he would work nearly four days each month on the project. Portal is a prearranged ‘collective’ gaming token created to minimize user blockchain interactions by utilizing the LayerZero interoperability protocol to develop a more flawless cross-chain crypto gaming experience.

Keen said that LayerZero’s technology eliminates blockchain liquidity and bridging issues on the front end by addressing them on the back end. As such, users are not required to do it on their own. Further, users can leverage the single sign-on (SSO) to access the Portal Passport crypto wallet, in turn responsible for facilitating the experience.

Despite resembling what Immutable has created with its Immutable Passport, there is more guaranteed interoperability.

According to King, this project is a ‘considerable move forward in linking the Web 2 and Web 3 gaming opening.’ Posts from PortalCoin’s Twitter account show that in addition to King and Keene, Portal Foundation’s advisory board comprises more members. They include Rissel Hanson, Sama Therapeutic’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Matt Dixon, an Electronic Arts (EA) ex-employee. Further, Hanson’s and Dixon’s LinkedIn profiles show they are also advisors for SuperDuper.

Despite the Portal token not being released, Keene revealed to a media outlet that more than 200 blockchain games have agreed to consider the token as a game currency after Portal’s unveiling.

Some of the companies and projects that will accept the token following its unveiling are games such as Nine Chronicles, Crypto Unicorns, Space Nation Online, and nonfungible token marketplaces such as Magic Eden. All the projects have used their social media channels to disclose the Portal alliances.

Farming Portal Taps Twitter Accounts and Posts in Airdrop Allocation

Recently, the Portal Team introduced Crystal Dash, which gamifies social token farming for persons seeking to take advantage of the imminent token airdrop. Farming Portal will entail players linking their Twitter accounts and posts regarding Portal to gain ‘points’ that will play a role in airdrop allocation.

Mitchell Vella, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Laguna Games, said solutions such as Portal are thrilling since they enhance one’s user experience in Web3, which is presently the most significant growth pain point.  

In a message about his game’s basis for agreeing to join Portal following its unveiling, Jerome Wu, Space Nation co-founder and chief executive officer, told a media outlet that via occupying various niches in the industry, Portal and Space Nation have a deep focus on user experience. They strive to deliver the best Web3 gaming experience, welcoming the mass adoption arrival. 

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