Finland’s Residents Shifting to Bitcoin Mining to Heat Homes

Finland’s Residents Shifting to Bitcoin Mining to Heat Homes 

Finland’s Bitcoin firms have incorporated two Bitcoin mines within the district heating facilities, allowing heating homes while mining Bitcoin.

A recent initiative in Finland is converting power from mining Bitcoin into energy to heat homes amid the cold winter. Hashlabs Mining , a provider of mining infrastructure, has unveiled a project allowing heat production using specifically created Bitcoin mining devices. 

Bitcoin Mining Devices to Heat Finland Households

This project integrates heat generation from WhatsMiner M63S, a hydro-cooled ASIC mining gadget, with the Finnish district heating system. In this case, heat is moved to several buildings from a centralized source via a network of insulated pipes. This project is created to enable households to benefit from industrial Bitcoin mining.

In an April 23 X post, Jaran Mellerud, Hashlabs Mining co-founder, noted that with the aid of industrial consumers such as Bitcoin miners, the nation could generate heat by progressively utilizing its colossal nuclear plant. Further, he said that a local partner has already incorporated two Bitcoin mines with district heating facilities and is presently integrating another one.

In this initiative, Hashlabs explicitly utilizes the hot water produced from WhatsMiner M63S mining, which attains a temperature of 70℃. Mellerud also noted that Bitcoin mining is the most effective provider of consistent, high-temperature water for district heating. WhatsMiner-produced hot water will replace the heat produced in factories using fuels such as biomass, peat, carbon-neutral heat sources, hard coal, and others. 

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Reutilization of Heat from Bitcoin Mining Gains Momentum

Data from Statistics Finland shows that by 2019, wood fuels were used to generate most of the nation’s heat, accounting for 35% of the total production, while coal accounted for 18%. Peat was the third most essential energy source, accounting for 15% of the heat. 

Over the last few years, the idea of utilizing the energy originating from Bitcoin mining has acquired momentum. Shrewd Bitcoin miners have identified several ways to make Bitcoin more sustainable or environmentally friendly. 

Earlier, a digital media resource noted that a few miners found means to utilize Bitcoin mining-generated heat to heat swimming pools, dry out timber, or dehydrate meat to prepare jerky. In June last year, a New York bathhouse told its clients that it was utilizing Bitcoin mining rigs’ byproduct heat as the power to operate its facilities. 

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