Will Your Insurance Cover The Damage Done By Storm Eunice, And How Do You File A Claim?

Storm Eunice is expected to be the worst hurricane in the United Kingdom in far more than 30 years. Businesses and schools have been shuttered, and residents have been advised to prepare for the worst. But what if it causes damage to your property?

Is my insurance going to cover storm damage?

Buildings insurance policies typically state that they will cover economic losses induced by hurricane damage – but enterprises have been known to disagree about what constitutes a storm. Last year, Guardian Money handled a case in which an insurance company refused to repair for the repair of a leaking roof caused by Storm Christoph. According to the Financial Ombudsman Service, these types of disputes are among the most common complaints it receives about non-payment storm damage claims.

According to the Affiliation of British Insurers, a storm is defined as a period of violent weather that includes:

Gusty winds of at least forty eight knots (55mph) – equal to ten on the Beaufort scale or; Snowfall of at least 1 foot (30 centimeter) in 24 hours or;Torrential rainfall of at least 25mm per hour orHail of such force that it damages flat floors or breaks the glass.

Your insurer’s policy may include this definition, or it may pertain to its own rules. If the climate in your area does not meet the criteria, your claim will be denied.

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How do I make a claim?

You must notify your insurer as soon as possible that your land has been destroyed and that you wish to file a claim. Most insurance companies have 24-hour hotlines and should be prepared to deal with the storm’s aftermath, as weathermen have been warning about it for weeks.

It may have emergency service teams available to dispatch, but if not, your policy may cover the cost of getting the work done. Inform your insurance company that this work is required and obtain invoices to submit as you may be eligible to obtain back from your policy.

What topics will be covered?

This will be determined by your policy. If you have buildings insurance, it will payout for property damages, including the cost of upgrading items and repairing things.

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