Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Oasys, the Gaming Blockchain With Sega and Ubisoft Onboard

Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Oasys, the Gaming Blockchain With Sega and Ubisoft Onboard

Oasys intends to be a crypto gaming goal for major developers. Oasis is one of the several gaming-focused crypto platforms seeking to attract players and developers.

This article explains its critical features and the major game developers utilizing it.

Detailed Oasys Explanation 

Oasys is a blockchain protocol comprising the ‘Hub layer,’ a layer-1 blockchain, and ‘Verse layer,’ an Ethereum-compatible layer-2 scaling solution. The two chains form the ‘Oasys.’ 

Oasys is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which means the movement of assets such as crypto tokens from other EVM chains into its ecosystem is hypothetically possible. Like Ethereum’s mainnet and other chains, the protocol utilizes the proof-of-stake approach to conclude transactions. 

Understanding the Hub Layer Concept

This is allegedly Oasys’ public EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain. Despite utilizing the OAS token and proof-of-stake, it is not as quick at processing transactions as the ‘Verse’ layer on Oasys.

Its technology is founded on a split-off or ‘forked’ form of Go Ethereum (gETH) with ‘less alterations.’ Despite its developers considering it a ‘public’ blockchain, it was developed not to access new smart contracts. Hence, developers seeking to unveil projects on the Hub layer must acquire consent from the Oasys development team.

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Tech-shrewd Oasys fans will be required to stake at least 10 million OAS in the Hub layer’s validator contract to participate in the blockchain’s proof-of-stake mechanisms.

As of January 17, Oasys’ Hub layer has witnessed over 5.2 million transactions and over 32000 crypto wallets linked to its blockchain. 

Understanding Verse Layer

The ‘Verse’ scaling layer on Oasys utilizes quicker Optimistic rollups to settle transactions. These rollups can be disputed within a week. On the contrary, Oasys’ altered version of the rollups provides immediate transaction sanction, a strategy that could permit gamers to purchase and sell items quickly.

Oasys can provide this prompt approval without compromising gambling with inherent security dangers. This is because the Verse layer is ‘permission,’ meaning Oasys has additional control concerning who can and cannot engage with the blockchain. Further, the development team noted that the Verse layer transaction information is reflected on the Hub layer.

Oasys’s Hub layer is public, but its layer 2 is not. According to the Oasys team, this permits them to provide quicker transaction speeds, improved data retention chances, and improved scalability compared to the Verse layer being a ‘sidechain.’ 

At the time of writing, Oasys’ tech can only back its quick-speed Optimistic rollups. However, the team anticipates boosting support for zero-knowledge rollups sometime this year.

Transaction Fees 

Unlike other blockchains, Oasys’ verse layer transfers all transaction costs to developers by default. Hence, gamers are not required to pay them.

What Tokens are Utilized by Oasys 

As previously mentioned, staking requires a fair quantity of OAS tokens. However, Oasys’ Verse layer will utilize ‘Verse’ tokens and permit individual games to introduce or issue game-associated tokens or tokens for their decentralized apps.

Is Oasys a Bridge?

Oasys has a proof-of-stake connector or bridge that permits users to transfer some information from their nonfungible tokens, also referred to as ERC-721 tokens, from chains such as Astar to Oasys.

The Oasys Passport

A September 2023 post noted that this simplified crypto wallet is designed for beginners and those unfamiliar with crypto.

Games Utilizing Oasys

Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, an imminent turn-founded fantasy role-playing game, uses Oasys for its blockchain components. My Crypto Heros, DoubleJump Tokyo’s pixel-style nonfungible token fantasy game, uses Oasys for its ‘Verse’ layer. As of January 17, it had witnessed over 33 million transactions across more than 684000 crypto wallets.

DoubleJump Tokyo is also developing Battle of Three Kingdoms, a game that utilizes Oasys as its preferred blockchain. Summoners War: Chronicles is utilizing Oasys for its blockchain elements. Last year, Bandai Namco unveiled an experimental artificial intelligence-enhanced nonfungible token virtual pet game.

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