Comprehensive Explanation of Immutable, the Ethereum Network for Crypto and Nonfungible Token (NFT) Games  

Comprehensive Explanation of Immutable X, the Ethereum Network for Crypto and Nonfungible Token (NFT) Games  

Immutable X refers to an Ethereum scaling platform developed for games. Immutable’s platform is growing with its Passport wallet and zkEVM network.

Immutable X refers to a layer-2 scaling network developed on top of Ethereum, the primary blockchain for decentralized apps. It was created by Immutable, a Web3 company, through tech developed by StarkWare. It utilizes IMX, a native ERC-20 token, and other blockchain games on its network, such as Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, Ember Sword, and Illuvium.

Ethereum supporters claim its mainnet is one of the most decentralized and safest cryptocurrencies. However, it has historically been affected by significant gas fees and long transaction waits. This has resulted in friction with nonfungible token (NFT) developers such as those behind the CryptoKitties. The creators once used digital cats to clog the mainnet, making it virtually unusable. 

Nonfungible tokens are vital to blockchain games, making it impossible for several game creators to develop on the Ethereum mainnet. Hence, layer-2 solutions such as Immutable X become critical. 

Immutable X Explained

This gaming-focused protocol has been developed on top of Ethereum mainnet’s security. However, it has a layer-2 scaling network’s speed and reduced transaction costs. Simply put, it provides extra benefits on top of the Ethereum mainnet.

The network permits users to transact with no gas fees. This is partially possible because the protocol utilizes Starkware’s ZK rollup technology that ties up transactions and can allow more than 9000 nonfungible token transactions every second.

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Immutable X’s Developers

Immutable is the primary Web3 company behind the Immutable X protocol. The firm has been a part-game publisher and part-blockchain developer since Immutable created Gods Unchained, an NFT-card-battling game, and is publishing Guild of Guardians, an action role-playing game. Recent data revealed that as of January this year, Immutable has generated almost $280M from 32 investors. Examples of firms that invested include GameStop Digital Ventures, Tencent, King River Capital, and the currently non-operational Alameda Research.

How Immutable X Functions 

Immutable X backs all Ethereum wallets, such as Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask. Further, users can generate an Immutable Passport to transact on the platform. It is designed to be a more structured and friendly crypto wallet for gamers and offers a unified identity across games.

Immutable X sits on top of the Ethereum mainnet, permitting it to exploit the mainnet’s security and decentralization for concluding transactions. However, the protocol utilizes ZK rollups, which boosts the speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions on its layer-2 network.

Immutable has developed several REST application interfaces (APIs). This means they are application programming interfaces that conform to exclusive architectural standards. 

REST APIs in the Immutable indicate that transactions can comprise an API call that is faster than direct engagement with a protocol through a smart contract. 

Immutable X Users 

Several game developers and NFT marketplaces have opted to offer their services and products to Immutable X. In June 2022, Immutable Ventures created a $500M fund to invest in Web3 gaming initiatives developed on Immutable X and offer grant-founded funding to different developers. 

Examples of NFT marketplaces that utilize Immutable X include Mintable, Rarible, TokenTrove, and OKX. GameStop, a brick-and-mortar video game retailer, unveiled its nonfungible token marketplace on Immutable X in 2022. Games such as Habbo, Guild of Guardians, Emer Sword, IMVU, and Tinny Colony are developing Web3 elements on Immutable X. 

Immutable zkEVM 

Immutable is creating more than just Immutable X while expanding its Ethereum gaming platform. In March last year, the company announced it is working with its rival Polygon towards the creation of Immutable zkEVM scaling network that merges Polygon zkEVM technology and Immutable’s gaming platform. 

Several games have revealed their intentions to utilize the Immutable zkEVM. An Immutable blog post shows that the zkEVM network offers native compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine, possibly making it easier for developers to port over from EVM chains and utilize several third-party pools. 

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