BTC Prices Beats $50k Hurdle, US Employment Review Tanks Stocks

After a dismal US employment report, the Bitcoin price surpasses $50,000 and the stock market plummets. U.S. nonfarm payroll statistics revealed the weakest employment growth in seven months, reducing the likelihood of Federal Reserve cutting this year. Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) reached its best levels in almost three months when the S&P 500 fell to its midday highs of September 2. A crucial study released on Sept. 3 revealed that the United States economy generated fewer employment than expected, reducing the Federal Reserve’s chances of starting to dismantle its aid package this year.

It was reported that, in August, nonfarm payrolls gained 235,000 posts, compared to forecasts of 733,000. Despite this, the jobless rate fell to 5.2 percent from 5.4 percent in the previous month, according to the Labor Department.

“OUCH! It’s the weakest employment growth in seven months as the US economy generates just 235,000 jobs vs. expectations of 733,000. It’s good to see that the preceding month was moved up from 943k to 1053k. As predicted, the jobless rate drops to 5.2 percent. As expected, the average hourly wage increased by 0.6 percent MoM vs. + Expansion by.3 percent” — A tweet from @Schuldensuehner Twitter account

Is Fear and Uncertainty of Delta Variant Pumping BTC?

The tourism and hotel industry did not add any jobs in August, compared to the preceding six months when it added an average of 350,000 jobs per month. In the meantime, the restaurant industry shed 42,000 employment, a symptom of concern over the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Delta strain.

There was speculation that a contraction in the U.S. jobs sector might lead Federal Reserve officials to scale back their trim crisis. Bitcoin gained by 3.41 percent to $50,961 in front of this.

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In the q2 of 2021, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency faltered despite a worldwide economic recovery from the epidemic. Elon Musk’s anti-Bitcoin remarks and an entire crypto crackdown in China weighed on the price of Bitcoin, which plummeted from about $65,000 to around $30,000.

Amid anticipation that financial institutions would unwind their enormous financial assistance, the world economic recovery occurred. According to Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell, trimming would start by 2021 if “peak job allocation” is achieved.

The delta variant continues scuffing prospects of an industrial and employment revival. As a result of these factors, the U.S. banking system will need to maintain its monthly equity investment scheme of $120 billion.

Despite the negative prognosis, non-yielding commodities like Bitcoin and gold rose in value.


According to Petr Kozyakov, Mercuryo’s co-founder and CEO, “The cryptocurrency has made two important breakthroughs.”

“One is that the top digital currency still possesses certain intrinsic qualities that encourage investment and purchasers, and another, the increasing price value hasn’t yet eradicated the unpredictability that characterizes the virtual currency,” he says. As Kozyakov predicted, lax monetary regulations, coupled with Bitcoin’s growing recognition on Wall Street, will boost its value to $55,000 in the short term, then $70,000 in the long run, he said in an interview.

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