Worldcoin to Unveil New Orb for User-Friendly Eyeball Scanning Device

Worldcoin to Unveil New Orb for User-Friendly Eyeball Scanning Device

The Tools for Humanity chief executive Alex Blania revealed that the futuristic-oriented Orb device is receiving an upgrade six months after Worldcoin launched. The firm’s co-founder disclosed in an exclusive Thursday, January 25 TechCrunch publication that the upcoming iteration will replicate the ‘Apple product’ look.  

Worldcoin Welcomes New Orb Design and Appearance

Speaking in a fireside talk during the Strictly VC event held on Wednesday, Blania revealed that the new orb device and upcoming iterations will have a unique appearance. The Tools for Humanity chief observed that the initial design deployed on Orb predated his career as he reflected on joining the entity four years ago. 

Blania disclosed that the upcoming Orb device is scheduled for rollout by mid-2024 and will feature alternative colours blended with form factors to appear more friendly. Overall, the new product is set to appear more tuned down and similar to the Apple product. 

Tools for Humanity is behind the crypto project Worldcoin, co-established by Blania, Max Novendstern, and OpenAI’s chief Sam Altman. The firm’s recent disclosure hailed the input of various investors led by Bain Capital Crypto and a16z in raising $250 million. 

The startup has cut a popular reputation within the crypto and venture capital spaces for the conspicuous Orb device. The device facilitates the iris scanning while assigning each individual the World ID, allowing the users access to the Worldcoin’s digital passport and application.

The verification process targets proving one’s identity and averting the creation of multiple accounts. Blania reported that most US residents are obsessed with the Orb design.

AI Trading Robot

Blania reflects on the flagship device he profiles as a five-pound chromatic device that matches the bowling ball in size. The appearance portrays a device from a sci-fi film, prompting hate and admiration. 

Worldcoin Expands World Tour in Race to Billion Users

Blania reported that though the Orb device has attracted skepticism, dozens of attendees scanned the irises to receive the World ID during the StrictlyVC event in downtown San Francisco. The employee from Tools for Humanity confessed to operating the booth within the event, though confirmed that field testing for the upcoming orb device is ongoing. 

During the beta-testing era, Blani indicates that the project prioritized adoption in Argentina, Kenya, India, and Portugal. The project faced criticism in the argument that it targeted the developing economies. 

The backlash slowed as Worldcoin extended the world tour to Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. 

The firm reports the creation of nearly 200,000 new accounts in the past seven days. The firm’s website illustrates that over 3.13 million individuals have signed up for the World ID project. 

Blania illustrates that the Tools for Humanity is inspired to expedite its race to a billion user-base.  

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