Jordan Bayne Lauds Web3 Potential to Empower Marginalized Communities Convey Accounts

Jordan Bayne believes blockchain technology offers an excellent means for artists and audiences to connect. 

Filmmaker Bayne Considers Web3 as Overcoming Hollywood Shortcomings

John Bayne, the Film pioneer and initiator of MetaCannes and The Squad, discusses how filmmakers can benefit from crypto. Specifically, he focuses on the ownership of the work’s IP throughout the movie-making process. 

According to the filmmaker, blockchain, metaverse and Web3 technology can address the shortfalls witnessed in Hollywood and offer creators a more suitable option for the changing aspects of the present cinema landscape.

Web3 Empowers Creators to Levels Unrealized in Hollywood

During the opening MetaCannes Festival held in France, Bayne informed the audiences that Web3 offers power to the creator. Bayne regrets that creators fail to enjoy such power when using traditional Hollywood. 

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Bayne asserts her significant role in the Film3 movement by starting the Film Squad media collective following her interest in crypto in 2015. The Film Squad displays how indie filmmakers can utilize and benefit from blockchain technology. 

Bayne claimed that the organization was developed in February 2021, and more than 350 shows have been hosted since then. The information was based on other women’s experiences in the film industry and the exploration of how Web3 can be utilized in areas such as distribution, financing, and ownership. 

Web3 Yields a Participative Platform for Communities While Eliminating Studios

She stated that owning one’s IP during the whole thing is possible. Some of the benefits of Web3 in filmmaking include involving the community in each step and eliminating reliance on studios.

The capability to uplift other artists is another critical principle of the Squad. Specifically, this entails the utilization of the internet to unite like-minded persons. Blayne claimed that by using Web3, artists could benefit from a unique sense of inclusion and acceptance. 

Further, she stated that the creation of the Film Squad was partially based on the challenges experienced as a woman and a member of the LGBTQIA community in the film industry. As such, the Squad aims to serve people of colour and black filmmakers who belong to marginalized communities. 

Bayne Affiliations with Untold Stories Features in her Films

Bayne also claimed that her determination with the Squad depicts her role as a filmmaker that entails highlighting tales concerning untold stories. Specifically, she claimed that by being a filmmaker, she always listens to stories regarding persons whose voices are yet to be heard. 

She also referred to some of her past work, for instance, Red Flags, a short motion picture. She defined the movie as a ‘heavy hitter’ concerning its social effect. She claimed that Web3 technology is creating the capability for individuals to advocate for the making of other content they wish to view.

In turn, this enhances the control of media representation by marginalized groups. Bayne stated that the strategy is a creative pathway that aids in creating another voice for people. 

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