BitBoy Crypto Expels Ben Armstrong, Citing Influencer’s Character

BitBoy Crypto has, in its Wednesday, August 28 statement, confirmed the ouster of Ben Armstrong in a post featuring strong allegations over the influencers’ tainted character. The company indicated that it is parting ways with the high-profile influencer who, at the time, accumulated over 3.3 million followers. 

BitBoy Crypto revealed on August 29 in a tweet post that BJ Investment Holdings, the company behind Hit network, reached a decisive legal decision to terminate Ben Armstrong. The firm cited the basis for the decision as challenging and featured serious allegations unconfirmed by the influencer. 

Armstrong Accused of Orchestrating Financial, Economic and Social Damage

BitBoy Crypto accuses Armstrong of substance abuse and orchestrating financial damage to the employees. The post, also appearing on the firm’s blog, identifies Hit Network as creating the driven media network. The post outlines BitBoy Crypto as among the Hit Networks, working with multiple brands to offer entertainment and educative sessions on cryptos, gaming, and spots.

The official website indicates that though BitBoy Crypto is not among the top-ranked brands under the Hit Network’s umbrella, it has unmatched popularity. Hit Network chief executive TJ Shedd issued a live-streamed Monday, August 28 statement on YouTube to confirm Armstrong’s dismissal.

Shedd added that removing Armstrong would facilitate financial, emotional, and physical damage orchestrated to the Hit Network’s employees and BitBoy Crypto community. The announcement prompted a reaction to the news portraying signs of Armstrong’s account. Nonetheless, it remained unclear whether the influencer indeed drafted the message.

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The BenCoin account lamented that Shedd and Williams were implementing a coup at his company. It confirmed that his ouster was accurate, alleging mutiny within BitBoy and Hit Network. The post dismissed optimism that the removal was unfeasible unless they cloned him. 

Armstrong’s Removal From BitBoy Crypto Attracts Mixed Reactions

News of Armstrong’s ouster from his established brand prompted mixed reactions as the crypto community portrayed contrasting accounts. Many who featured in the livestream expressed dissatisfaction with BitBoy’s exit. The commenters submitted an outright demand for his return. 

Reddit delved into the matter, terming the news as the end of the era. Redditors cheered the development, alleging it took longer than they anticipated. 

The Redditors’ cheering Armstrong booting from BitBoy cites his link to the class action lawsuit. They indicated that Armstrong leveraged his influence alongside other celebrities to promote the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX.

Also, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs alleged that Armstrong orchestrated harassment by making violent email and phone threats. They cite past encounters when Armstrong openly mocked the judge’s authority for his absence contrary to the order. The case was, however, suspended on June 16.

Is Armstrong Past Character Deserving Outster from BitBoy Crypto?

The crypto community members, happy with BitBoy Crypto’s decision to expel Armstrong, consider his character damaged beyond repair by his abusive content towards high-profile figures. They cite his Twitter (presently X) account that he could post offensive content targeting the European Central Bank (ECB) president, Christine Lagarde. The victims list features US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Gary Gensler. 

The supporters of BitBoy Crypto’s decision cite Armstrong’s conduct in August last year when he sued YouTuber  Erling Mengshoel, identified as ‘Atozy.’ He would later drop the defamation suit upon discovering Mengshoel raised defense fees exceeding $200,000. It would be exciting to watch out for the Armstrong versus BitBoy Crypto development.

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