Crypto Media Firm Gokhshtein Media’s CEO Predicts ETH Price Can Hit $14k

Crypto Media Firm Gokhshtein Media’s CEO Predicts ETH Price Can Hit $14k

The CEO of Gokhshtein Media – a crypto media firm, David Gokhshtein, released several price predictions on the crypto bullish run. Notably amongst his predictions is Dogecoin to $1 in coming days, and ETH reaching $14,000.

Based on a report published on Business Insider, the CEO mentioned he sees the dog-inspired token, Dogecoin reaches $1 as he believes it is a major gateway to the crypto market. He said so because he believes that the token will help market newbies transit to other cryptos.

“The price will increase,” he said, “because people attached a value to the token, and it will eventually get there.”

The token has attempted to reach the $1 numerous times, including the run earlier this year that got the token to over 10,000% as the community interest for it grew tremendously.

The CEO mentioned that the success of the token is not hinged on Elon Musk’s promotions alone but the “meme economy” and Robinhood, a trading platform focused on retail trading, contributed to its explosion.

Noteworthy of mention is the predictions of an expert panel surveyed by the Finder. He revealed that he believes DOGE could rise to pass the $1 price mark and hit a new ATH of $1.21 by 2021 before eventually rally to a new high of $3.6 in 2030.

Ethereum to $14,000

Speaking about Ether, Gokhshtein referred to the London hard fork. This includes the integration and implementation of the EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) 1559 that will affect the modus operandi of the transaction fees.

Users will now have a set fee for transaction processing instead of the auction system, and they can tip miners to process their transactions faster.

The base fee is not paid to miners as it could spur them to congest the network artificially for them to get higher fees. Instead, the fees are burnt so the ether in circulation could reduce, thereby helping the price.

The media firm CEO said, “the crypto is getting deflationary, and the deflation will be a source of growth for the token.” Conservatively, he estimated the price of ether to reach $14,000 before the end of 2022.

To David, the reignition of the bull market depends on Ethereum, and he kept buying to dollar-cost average his positions while trying to overlook the short-term volatility. Despite his optimistic price prediction, he sees Ether as a “digital silver” and BTC as a “digital gold.”

By this, David believes that the crypto market flagship will keep its position by market capitalization and will likely get to $85,000 before the year runs out.